“Solid as a Rock “: Bodybuilding Grandma’s Ripped Physique Update Leaves Fitness World Stunned

Age can be defied by fitness and Tammy Kearn is a tremendous example of that. She is doing weightlifting and bodybuilding for 40+ years and looks glorious. The English professor is currently training for the 1st Physique competition, 2023. She always shares her progress and words of wisdom with her followers on Instagram. Tammy enables other fitness enthusiasts to get motivated to work harder on their bodies.


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Recently she posted an Instagram short video that took the fan’s breath away. Let’s check it out!

Tammy Kearn stuns the bodybuilding world with her amazing physique


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In the video, Kearn is flexing her majestic muscles and showing her poses while wearing a simple green tank top and white shorts. She captioned the post, “Flex more! Stress less!” The 47-year-old is going stronger than ever.

She previously shared her secret to motivation and discipline for maintaining this lifestyle. Tammy has revealed what kept her going in this fitness field for more than 4 decades. In a video compilation, showing her acing various workouts, she was focused and light-hearted.

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Kearn captioned the post saying, “To train consistently for weeks, months, years, and even decades requires DISCIPLINE.” Kearn also cited the difference between motivation and discipline and said, “Discipline is something we can control. Motivation, not so much.” So it is clear that Kearn could maintain her muscular and fit body due to discipline that gave her the physique fans love. Fans were in awe of her figure in the latest video and left comments on the same.

Followers shower Tammy with compliments

All the followers were cheering her on and were left drooling over her figure.

One follower gushed, “Magnificent 👏👏👏 my profound admiration❤️.”

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Another follower asked her, “How far out are you from competition? You look awesome 🙌🏾🙌🏾.”

Tammy replied, “Thank you, Joanna! I’m 3 weeks out🤞🏻💕.”

One fan wished her the best for the upcoming show and wrote, “You are looking fire there, Tammy! Love that posing and you’re going to do great at your show! 💪👍🏾.”


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Another follower wrote, Solid as a rock and beautiful ❤️🙌.”

Clearly, with this form and conditioning, Tammy is going to be a big competition for other contestants. What do you think about the 47-year-old bodybuilding champion? Did you find inspiration through her discipline? Tell us in the comments below.

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