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Sport Fitness continues its ecological transition process

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), business can play a key role in protecting the environment and creating a just transition based on equity and the participation of all stakeholders¹. And that is precisely what he has been doing. sports fitnessa sporting goods brand that for five years has been developing actions focused on caring for the planet.

“For the brand, caring for the environment has always been important, but for the last five years, we have been carrying out more visible actions with the transition of our packaging to ecological ones in raw cardboard with a single ink. Currently, we have more than 100 packages of this type, that is, 10 percent of all the packages we need and, among them, are those of sports accessories as elastic bands and jump ropes and those of the cardiovascular equipment as exercise bikes, treadmills and treadmills”, says Juan David González, director of the Sport Fitness business unit, adding that “Our idea is to end 2023 with 20 percent of the packaging and, in more or less two years, be at 100 percent.”

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In line with the above, education has been key in the midst of this transition, since the brand has had to generate a training plan aimed at its customers, to instill in them an environmental awareness that allows them to understand the importance and reason for be of the company’s packaging changes.

“At Sport Fitness we have always been concerned about the well-being and health of our clients and this has led us to create strategies that involve them, because on many occasions, what we implement within the company has worked for them for their personal projects. Likewise, we think of our collaborators and that is why we have a recycling theme in which throughout the year we generate a savings plan with packaging from imports, we sell it and distribute that money equitably among all employees”, explains Jorge Villegas, marketing director.

In search of the B Corporation seal

Obtaining the B Corporation seal is one of the purposes that Sport Fitness set out a few months ago to rise in its category and comply with one of the most relevant corporate strategies: to be an ecological and sustainable company.

“The ecological transition in which we find ourselves makes a lot of sense in relation to obtaining the B Corporation seal, since in the midst of the process that we have developed with the packaging and which also implies a matter of production, trial and error, the international entity The person in charge of granting it has supervised our processes, environmental management issues, suppliers and social responsibility”, Villegas points out.

In that sense, sports fitness expects to receive said seal in the coming months as a result of hard work in search of more and better practices.

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¹International Labor Organization. Companies must be key players in the ecological transition. Available in–en/index.htm. Accessed February 2023.

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