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Sports shoes: Keys to choose sports shoes according to your physical activity

When doing sports, the choice of footwear is essential. A shoe that you don’t feel comfortable in, hinders mobility or damages your foot can not only make training difficult, it can also cause injuries that directly affect your health. It is not just a question of aesthetics and choosing the most beautiful shoe, your safety is at stake, so take note of the

keys to know which shoe you need.

people who practice

aerobic sports, such as running, cycling or paddle tennis, are the ones that have to pay special attention to these details. The joints and the shape of the footprint are especially at stake in these activities, so a

poor foot support it is more likely to be harmful when this area of ​​the body is especially involved.

But foot support is essential in any type of sport. Although it is true that the most comfortable thing is to get one that works for everything, the truth is that c

each activity requires specific footwearand a multipurpose shoe can be, even if you think not, a problem that prevents you from developing the sport calmly.

Aerobic Sports Shoes

If the main physical activity in your routine is sports that require specific movement of the legs and feet, such as running, trekking or paddle tennis, it is best to opt for a

flexible, light and comfortable shoe. In addition, it is essential that it has a cushioning system so that the impact of the exercise does not damage the joints.

Woman wearing Reebok/@reebok sneakers

When choosing a shoe of any type, but especially sports, you have to take into account the

shape of your foot. Depending on whether your arch is more curved or flatter, you have to make sure that it molds to your shape so that it does not hurt you and you do not suffer while performing the exercise.

Mountain shoes

If you are one of those who enjoy doing sports in the open air and are looking for any excuse to go out into nature to exercise, the shoe you wear no longer only has to take into account your foot, but also the terrain on which you work is very important. Make sure you have one

non-slip sole that adapts to rocky and stony terrain and prevents falls.

In addition, in humid environments, it is

It is essential that the shoe breathe and be waterproof so that whatever weather you face, your foot is protected. If the foot gets stuck or the sweat bothers you, it can not only damage your foot, it will also greatly hinder the development of sports activity.

Sportwear shoes for day to day

Possibly this is the model that comes to mind when you think of sneakers. However, beyond taking them on

comfortable daily looks, its usefulness when doing sports is almost nil. They do not dampen,

they do not protect and do not hold enoughyour joints can be affected and the sport, harmed.

Reebok/@reebok sportwar shoes

It is better that you reserve this shoe to be comfortable in your day to day. For

walks around the city, going to work or downgrading a look They are perfect, but it is better that you only use them for this if you do not want to harm your health and properly enjoy all the benefits of sport.

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