“Still Struggling Everyday”: Post 30-Y.O. Bodybuilding Icon’s Demise, Fitness Influencer Admits Upsetting Update on Competition Prep

Fitness influencer Jesse James West has carved out a niche in the fitness industry. Known for his collaboration videos, West has nearly 3 million followers on YouTube. Some of the biggest names in bodybuilding have featured in West’s videos, including Ronnie ColemanJay Cutler, and others. Among the many fitness influencers he has done videos with was the late 30-year-old icon, Joesthetics, A.K.A., Jo Lindner. Like everyone else, the news of Jo Lindner’s passing shocked the 24-year-old.

Earlier, the fitness influencer, who is preparing for another bodybuilding contest, uploaded a series of Instagram stories. In two of the stories, West dropped an upsetting update. However, the natural bodybuilder also talked about finding determination during this dark time.

Jesse James West opened up about his struggles


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One of the reasons the younger bodybuilder and fitness influencer gained such popularity is because of his consistent hard work. The YouTuber posts consistently on his channel. However, making full-length videos takes time and hard work. “Life is wild right now. I’m 24 pushing the hardest I literally ever have,” West wrote in one of his stories.

In the story, the bodybuilder shows off his abs while doing cardio. He informed his followers that he has been filming for videos that’ll debut on his channel in August. Besides that, West is also “filming an entire prep series, actually completing a real prep, and so much more.” The 24-year-old hoped his efforts inspire others to push for their fitness goals.

However, working hard is also taking its toll on West. “That being said, I’m still struggling every day,” he wrote in the following story. The passing of Jo Lindner was not easy to deal with. Yet, the late German bodybuilder continues to inspire everyone even after his passing. West said that he is pushing past the struggle and is “doing this for Jo Aesthetics.” However, this isn’t Jesse James West’s first rodeo.

West is accustomed to working hard

For Jesse James West, taking on a challenge is second nature. While he is struggling with prep, the fitness influencer has pulled off some extreme challenges in the past. Earlier this year, the fitness influencer prepped for a powerlifting meet ins just 30 days. While a standard powerlifting prep takes at least 90 days, West competed after 30 days and won a medal.


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In 2022, West also competed in his first bodybuilding contest. The fitness influencer competed in both Men’s Physique and Classic Physique divisions at the 2022 NPC New Jersey State Championships. the 24-year-old placed in the top 10 for Classic Physique and did exceptionally well in the Men’s Physique division. According to the NPC, he placed 3rd in Men’s Physique.


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While Jo Lindner’s passing shook the bodybuilding and fitness communities, competitors like Jesse West aim to keep their competitive spirit alive. Are you excited to see the 24-year-old compete again? Let us know in the comments.

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