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Strength Training for Women: Will Resistance Workouts Make You A She-Hulk?

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strength training for women
Strength Training for Women

Advise the typical woman trying to drop weight to add a day or two of strength training to her fitness plan, and you’d think you had suggested she inject steroids by how she looks at you.

“But I don’ t need to seem like one of those girls bodybuilders! ” She’ll often respond, alarm on her face. “I’m afraid I’ll only bulk up. ” Today it’s time to grab this myth by its meaty bicep and discover out what happens when girls incorporate strength training into their regular.

First, let’s look at what we mean by strength training.

Finding The Strength Training Myth In A Chokehold

When we pin down the strength training myth, we find it often starts with how a lot of people specify “strength training exercises” What generally comes to mind are in-rippled monster men doing squats or bench presses with a Volkswagen-sized stack of plates on each end of the barbell.

But that’s not all there is to it you need to comprehend strength training is not interchangeable with powerlifting, weightlifting or muscle building.

Yes, these sports do depend but keep in mind that many different sports do. All depend on achieving their own objectives, yet they all feature quite athletes, female and male.

When it boils down to the meat and bone, resistance training isn’t any more than simply contracting your metabolism from an opposing resistance, such as gravity – as is the case in weightlifting. The aim is to improve your anaerobic endurance, your stamina, and the dimensions (bear with me) of your skeletal muscles.


Resistance doesn’t need to come from gravity – it may also come from hydraulic forces (machines), elastic forces (resistance bands), or the force of your opposing muscles (isometrics).

Body weight is simply leveraged by some of the methods of

strength, Training for women
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 for girls. Think your run of the mill calisthenics or the more stylish Pilates.

Don’t be afraid to stick with good old-fashioned weights though; there’s no reason to shy away from them. Just use lighter weights with more repetitions. 10 – 12 reps per set is a good average for girls, as you become more powerful and you can increase the weight.

Wait, But What Does “Increase the Size” Really Mean?

I could practically see your forehead twitch when you read that resistance exercises increase size – your face squinting to that “I told you ” look. But not so quickly.

Some overweight women are deathly afraid of building strength only because they look down at their arms and legs and what they see will ‘t seem entirely flabby. It feels solid to the touch, and they probably see themselves as bulky.

Consequently, if your arms are that beefy with very little or no exercise, what’s going to occur when you work out them? They get larger, right? Well, no.

When you’ve got a higher proportion of fat on your frame, it not only stored where it could be viewed and pinched. It also stored on your muscle. To envision how it works, consider of beef with tendrils of fat running through the meat.

So what this “marbling effect” does is create your muscle milder. But if you obese and begin replacing your fat with muscle, your muscles will look younger! They’ll only get much more and smaller toned looking, and that exactly what you need?

Muscle Mass And Metabolism

The good news about creating muscle is the increase in metabolism. Were you aware that a more toned body burns calories?

The majority of women think all they need is to create a calorie deficit, and they’ll begin dropping some pounds but adding lean body mass speeds upward progress, even though it’s buried below extra fat. That lean mass will burn calories all day regardless of what you are doing.

Because of this, the food you do eat won’t have such a drastic impact on your weight and appearance – it will still be a factor, certainly, but by providing your body the tools to manage your weight, you won’t need to work so tough to manage it yourself.

Additional Benefits Of Building Strength

In addition to helping control weight, also, it reduces injury, increases stamina, improves balance, hones attention, and reduces symptoms of chronic diseases (like diabetes, back pain, or arthritis). To proceed, one of the most important advantages is that strength training not only prevents bone density loss but actually can increase that, thus preventing and reversing the degenerative effects of osteoporosis.

strength Training for women
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The Final Rep

Search, here’s exactly what it comes down to. Guys who WANT to bulk up need to devote a lot of time and consume the ideal diet to acquire hard gains. Otherwise, they get slimmer… and yeah, their muscles can get just a little bulkier-looking since their bodies are simply built that way.

But you, not a guy. And shedding weight while building strength is not going to make you seem like a bodybuilder. Do you realize how much work (and often drugs) it requires for them to arrive? Your two or three times in the gym could never do that.

It’ll make you slimmer, sure – more toned. It’ll help you lose weight and improve your total health.

And that’s exactly what you want. Work your muscles, and they’ll work for you. Strength training is vital for girls too – think it.

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Below are frequently asked questions and some sample workouts concerning strength training-
Full-body Workout 1-2 x per week (approx. 30-40 minutes.)
Lat pull-down 2 sets Chest press 2 sets Leg press 2 sets
Lateral increase 1 set Bicep curl 1 set.
Triceps pushdown 1 set Leg curl 1 set.
Leg extension 1 set

Upper / Lower Split
2-3 x per week (approximately  25-40 minutes)

A. Upper
Seated row 2 sets
Shoulder press 2 sets
Lat pull-down 1 set
Pectoral fly 1 set
Lateral increase 1 set
Bicep curl 1 set
Triceps pushdown 1 set

B. Lower
Leg curls 2 sets
Glute machine 1 set
Leg press 2 sets
Leg extension 1 set

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I lose the flab on the again of my arm or my spare tire?
A. It is bodily inconceivable to solely lose fats in a single space. What you are able to do is lower physique fats by burning extra energy than you devour. Increase muscle tissue with strength training and burn extra energy all day lengthy, even while you’re sleeping!
Q. How typically ought to I strength train if my objective is to burn fats?
A. 2-3 occasions per week can be nice! You will construct muscle tissue, which burns energy 24 hours a day, and you’ll lower the prospect for extra energy to be saved as fats!
Q. What if I do not wish to bulk up? I simply wish to tone.
A. If it had been that simple to bulk or get huge almost each man within the health club can be enormous] Women usually haven’t got the genetic potential to construct massive muscular tissues attributable to hormonal variations. Plus, remember that including muscle tissue to your physique is an effective factor! It makes every part you do a lot simpler, reduces the prospect for harm, and will increase your metabolism!
Q. How many sets and repetitions ought to I do?
A. This will fluctuate relying upon your objective. If you’re training to extend strength, due fewer sets however increased depth (1-2 sets to failure per exercise). If training for muscle measurement, carry out a number of sets (2-4 sets, however solely 1 to failure). The variety of repetitions will fluctuate additionally relying upon the pace at which you progress the weight and your objectives. In normal, shoot for 8-12 reps.
Q. What are the advantages of strength training?
A. Strength training, if performed accurately, could make some main adjustments to your physique and thoughts! Here are just some:

Increased metabolism
Increased flexibility and strength
Increased muscle tone
Reduced stress levels

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