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Strength training for women with menopause from the personal trainers of Salud & Fitness

Menopause is a natural process that involves significant changes in the lives of women, this involves both physical and mental changes. Among the most notable variations is the decreased strength and loss of muscle mass, which is a frustrating and discouraging process for the sufferer.

Currently, there are various solutions to counteract these symptoms. One of the most effective is the strength training with weights and resistance modality with bands or machines. These exercises not only generate benefits at the muscular level, but in various aspects of women’s health. For this reason, centers like Health & Fitness They offer personalized training programs in Getafe for women over 40 years of age.

Benefits of strength training for menopausal women

As women begin to experience menopause, it is important to ensure that strength training is appropriately tailored to your needs in order to reap benefits.

First, during this stage, the risk of osteoporosis increases, a disease in which the bones lose density and become brittle and more prone to break. For this reason, It’s important to make sure you’re performing weight-bearing exercises, such as squats and weight lifting, to maintain bone density.

Likewise, the loss of muscle mass can be compensated with the progressive load of weight. This can also improve a woman’s ability to perform daily activities and prevent falls, which is important for an older person.

Finally, a recent scientific study found that resistance exercise can reduce hot flashes and hormonal temperature changes by up to 50%.

Menopause Guided Training Program

Women over the age of 40 need a personal trainer or fitness instructor. fitness to ensure that the technique, weight and exercise are correct. In this way, injuries are avoided and a safe and effective progression is guaranteed. In this sense, The Health & Fitness center offers a personalized physical advice service run by experienced trainers.

The training methodology is based on a series of programs that respond to different audiences. The “Fit at 40” plan is designed to help people over this age achieve their health and wellness goals. This service focuses on providing personalized training and nutrition plans for each client, considering their needs, age and limitations. It is beneficial for people who want to start training, those who keep fit and women with menopause.

It has been proven that physical training improves the quality of life and self-esteem of women during menopause. Thus, facilitates the transition to hormonal changes.

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