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Super fitness: this is the demanding routine that Jennifer López follows to have a splendid figure | Critical Voices – Salta

Friday March 3, 2023

It’s not news that Jennifer Lopez She is a great actress and singer, as well as having an eccentric figure that is the envy of all her followers and that dazzles her husband, Ben Affleck.

At 53 years old, looks a spectacular body and everyone wonders what their secrets are to keep fit, without losing their cool.

The truth is that for tone muscles and lose body fatJennifer López performs a complex routine, where she shows that she is a great athlete, starting from load exercises, deadlifts and squats, among others.

Also do cardio sessions, combined with baseball and sparring, supervised by his boxing teachers. In addition, he practices a particular exercise that Bruce Lee popularized, called the dragon flag, which involves doing planks holding your back straight, taking a foothold on your head and raising your legs without losing your back straight; reports Critical Voices.

with all this demanding routineJennifer López contracts the entire abdominal area and balances the upper body, showing her followers and everyone that age is not a reason to put aside the physique.

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