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Take the Performance Out of Your Yoga Practice

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In our recommendation column, known as Wolf Wisdom, Wolf Terry, a Bhakti Yoga instructor and author in Denver, Colorado, solutions your urgent questions on practising asana, meditation, mantra, and extra. In this publish, she covers the tendency to show your yoga apply right into a efficiency.

Dear Wolf,

As a former dancer, I get pleasure from the facet of yoga that lets me faucet into my flexibility, in addition to the fluidity of a very good move. But it’s troublesome to show off my dancer mind, which needs me to push myself to be larger and bolder and make my actions fairly fairly than intentional. How can I incorporate the optimistic parts of my training (sturdy core, flexibility, and so forth.) with out subconsciously turning my time on the mat right into a efficiency?

Sincerely :: No One Puts Baby in Savasana

Dear Baby,

I struggled with taking the efficiency facet out of my apply for years. I used to be additionally skilled as a performer (actor/singer/dancer), and the want for perfection stemmed from the understanding that every one eyes had been on me. In yoga, they aren’t. Thank goodness.

The stunning factor about your background in dance is that you’ve cultivated a ton of self-discipline. This could be utilized to different limbs of yoga past asana. For occasion, you could be disciplined in thought by practising aparigraha (nongrasping)—the final yama of the eight limbs of yoga. When you aren’t hooked up to creating the pose look fairly, it’s simpler to concentrate on correct respiration. Similarly, in the event you’re unattached to nailing a tougher pose, you’ll have the ability to modify it to suit your body’s speedy wants.

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