The 17 Best Nike Shoes to Buy in 2023, According to Fitness Trainers and Style Editors

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athletic brands in the world? There’s a good chance Nike was one of your answers. And with good reason: Swoosh-branded products have been a staple of the athletic world since well before most of us were born. That’s why there’s also a good chance some of your first serious sneakers were Nike-branded.

Sure, there was a time when Nike wasn’t a household name. But since at least the mid-80s, the brand’s been a part of the biggest accomplishments of the biggest celebrity icons in sports history. We’re talking about athletes from Roger Federer and Mia Hamm to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Then Lebron and Kobe, Derek Jeter, and Colin Kaepernick—the list goes on and on. Bottom line: The best athletes in the world wear Nike, so why shouldn’t you?

  • Best All-Around Basketball Shoe

    Nike KD15 Basketball Shoes

    $131 at Nike

    Read more

  • Zoom Freak 4 (Team) Basketball Shoes

    Best Basketball Shoes for Slashers

    Nike Zoom Freak 4 (Team) Basketball Shoes

    Read more

  • Free Metcon 4 Training Shoes

    Best Group Fitness Shoe

    Nike Free Metcon 4 Training Shoes

    Read more

  • Metcon 8 Men's Training Shoes

    Best All-Around Training Shoe

    Nike Metcon 8 Men’s Training Shoes

    Read more

  • Vaporfly 2 Men's Road Racing Shoes

    Best Racing Shoe

    Nike Vaporfly 2 Men’s Road Racing Shoes

    Read more

Whatever you’re into running shoes, basketball shoes, cross training shoes, or even pickleball shoes—the best Nike shoes can elevate your game and help you look good doin’ it. The question, of course, is: Which pair is best for you? Over the last year, our fitness experts and writers did the dirty work for you by testing, comparing, and researching the best Nike shoes for men. Here are our top 17 picks for 2023

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