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The 5 things that Elsa Pataky does every day to look great

    As impossible as it may seem, every time Elsa Pataky makes a public appearance, she looks more spectacular than the last: she lives in a constant ‘glow up’ that generates even more ‘hype’ if we consider her dream life in Australia with Liam Hemsworth and her children, despite the fact that she herself assures that “not everything is always perfect”. Yes indeed, his physical impact It’s not just a matter of genetics (in her old photos she was just as ideal), but it takes a lot of effort behind it, and now we know first-hand what it is.

    To achieve an athletic and muscular body like hers, there are no secrets other than hard work, which the actress carries out as part of her ‘hot girl’ lifestyle, which includes sports every day and a series of healthy habits that all we can begin to include in our routine to feel very good and that we will tell you today.

    One more season, the artist is image of Gioseppo and he has come to Spain on an express trip to present the new spring collection, which is full of ideal models. His favorite? He ‘Vincly’some ‘sneakers’ that she took home the same day she filmed the campaign and that she hasn’t taken off since then: “I wear them a lot because it’s summer in Australia,” she tells us.


    Now, let’s get to the big question: What do you have to do to get the incredible physique of Elsa Pataky? Or, at least, see how a routine as complete as yours can change us, which we know will make us feel better. Of course, we anticipate that the real trick is to be consistent. How do you get it? “The hard part is getting started, but when you start to notice the changes and get into that circle, you always want more,” she says. “If you commit to yourself, you get it. Sometimes it’s not easy, you have to force it, but it has to be a priority for you because it’s to make you feel good, and when you see the results, you’ll feel even better. It’s going from that moment of comfort in which it is much easier for us to sit down, put on the TV and eat an ice cream, but you simply have to think about what your feelings will be after doing one thing or the other”, he encourages us.

    Now, calm down, because she also has days when she is lazy and cannot find the desire anywhere: “I look for motivation anyway, because I know that if I don’t make an effort later, I’m going to feel bad. I always try to convince myself to do something even for 10 or 15 minutes, and I end up doing half an hour because it always pays off. I deceive myself, let’s say, “she confesses.

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    Elsa Pataky’s 5 tips to stay in shape

    Nothing like copying the actress’s routine to

    1. End your showers with cold water: “I do it every time I wake up. It’s great for the body, it gives me energy starting in the morning,” he says.
    2. Do sports every day: “I try to do it for at least half an hour, and if it can be with weights, the better.”
    3. not take sugar: “It’s fine to take it on your ‘cheat day’, once a week or when you have something special, but the ideal is to try to remove it, because it’s pure poison.”
    4. do saunas regularly: “It is super healthy and reduces the possibility of having cardiovascular diseases. For me, it has ended up being addictive,” he confesses.
    5. Intermittent fasting for 12 to 14 hours from the time you go to bed until you eat in the morning. “It’s a tip that helps me a lot to maintain myself,” she says.

      The 4 key exercises in Elsa Pataky’s training

      1. Buttocks: It is the part of the body that you spend the most time in your workouts. “And if it’s with weights, even better,” she adds.
      2. ABS: “Every time I train or even every day I do at least 100. Of any type, you can do many variations.”
      3. push ups: “As I get older, I like to keep my arms strong, so I work them a lot.”
      4. Stretch: for her it is one of the most important parts of any ‘workout’.

        Elsa Pataky’s 4 eating tips

        1. Do not abuse carbohydrates: “I’m not saying they shouldn’t be taken, but you shouldn’t do it in excess,” he recommends.
        2. Don’t go overboard with sugary drinkss: “They hurt even when they say they don’t have sugar, those are just as bad,” warns the actress.
        3. distribute meals: she prefers to do more and with less quantity, something that is super healthy for her.
        4. Eat lots of greens and vegetables and always combine them with protein, without abusing.

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          Elsa Pataky’s tips to also take care of your mind

          For her, the most important thing is to avoid stress: “Everything that generates it, you have to try to reduce it as much as possible, because it is one of the worst things for your brain.” To do this, she carries out two key tips:

          1. Sleep well: “It’s super important. I always try to sleep the necessary hours and go to bed early. The Spanish custom of going to bed late is not good, it doesn’t go with adequate sleep,” he says.
          2. To meditate: “It helps a lot to mentally release stress and connect with yourself. I don’t meditate every day, but I try to do it three times a week or so, I don’t obsess either. I give more priority to exercising,” she says.

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