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The 6 best exercises for older adults

Lhe statistics say that people older than 50 years who perform physical activitythey have a better chance of controlling chronic diseases if they suffer from them.

These are the best exercises for older adults:


It is the most recommended exercise par excellence. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends at least 150 minutes of minimal aerobic exercise per week. A good exercise would be to walk every day between 20 and 30 minutes straight and repeat it at least 5 days a week.


Like walking, swimming is also a very useful aerobic exercise. It has been shown that the physical properties of water help to rehabilitate the person’s circulatory flow, reduces muscle pain and relaxes our muscles.

Water allows our entire body to work, as well as our body posture, flexibility and mobility.


The ideal is to pedal a minimum of 3 days a week between 20 and 30 minutes of exercise.

dumbbell exercises

Dumbbell exercises serve to improve the strength of the person. Like all exercises, these should be done progressively. First they will start with a low load (between 1kg – 1.5kg) and few repetitions.

Go up and down steps

This exercise can be done on a ladder with railings or against a wall. It involves holding onto the railing with your hand, putting both feet together on the bottom step, going up one step with your left foot, putting your right foot next to it, and then going down in reverse order. It is recommended to do 10 exercises starting with the left foot and another 10 starting with the right.

push the wall

These push-ups strengthen the entire upper body, especially the arms and chest. But no equipment is required.

For this, you have toplow in front of a sturdy wall, up to 50 cm away, with legs slightly apart, but as close as necessary so that you can lean down and touch it with your hands. You will need to keep your body straight and bend your elbows to lean towards the wall.

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