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The best photos of Paco ‘Las Patas’ Bautista, the legend of Spanish bodybuilding

    Paco Bautista, a Mister Olympia competitor, is considered by many to be the best Spanish bodybuilder in history. He won major national and international titles and fought successful bodybuilders in the US, regulars at Gold’s Gym. He began as a footballer and training at the gym in Barcelona at the age of 16. His measurements were those of a Pro bodybuilder, and his best muscle group was his legs, that’s why he was nicknamed Paco The paws Baptist.

    -Height: 1.75 meters.

    -Biceps: 59 centimeters.

    -Waist: 95 centimeters.

    -Quadriceps: 79 centimeters.

    -Chest: 135 centimeters.

    Weight: in competition, 122 kilos, and out of season, 130.

    At 52, he continues to train at the gym and is a personal trainer.

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In this photo we see Paco Bautista next to the gigantic Markus Rühl, the German bodybuilder who made Ronnie Coleman himself look small.


1999, the year that launched his career

“Year 1999, the year that marked my professional career”, comments Paco Bautista about the posing of this photo.

When he wasn’t preparing for a competition, he looked this big and defined on stage. A show!


When he got his IFBB Pro card

1999, the year he turned professional bodybuilding.


Your diet and training

“Since 1999, I had 3 years working to be able to show a physique at the level of professionals. Eating 6 times a day, training from Monday to Saturday from 2 to 3 hours, for 365 hours, so that it was worth it when I went on stage “.

Roberto Cabezas is a specialist in fitness, CrossFit, bodybuilding, training material, nutrition and sports supplementation at Men’s Health Spain.

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