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The best slippers for women in 2024

There’s nothing like coming home and taking your shoes off after a long day on your feet. But walking around barefoot, especially if you have hard flooring, can be harmful for your feet — they’re missing out on all-important arch support and shock absorption. If you notice your feet and joints are starting to hurt from going shoe-less, you may want to consider investing in a quality pair of slippers. The best ones will provide necessary support and cushioning. They can also, according to board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Hillary Brenner, “help with hygiene (i.e., protect your feet against germs and dirt), help your feet stay warm and can protect against stubbing your toes or stepping on foreign objects.”.

How do you determine the perfect pair for you? While there are a number of factors to consider (think material, sole, warmth, arch support, etc.) Dr. Miguel Cunha, podiatrist and founder of Gotham Footcare, tells us the most important thing is finding a pair that “are biomechanically designed with a built-in orthotic that hugs your arches and supports your feet comfortably all day. ” With this in mind, we talked to foot docs and our own team of shopping experts to find the best slippers out there.


Sizes: 5 to 12 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Wool, lyocell, foam, polyester, rubber | Colors:

Ugg slippers have been in demand since the early 2000s but this pair is probably the most popular right now, and it’s easy to see why. They’re lined with the same cozy sheepskin as your favorite Ugg boots, but their backless design makes them much easier to slip on and off. The rubber soles are also the same as the brand’s signature boots, which I love because it means I can wear them indoors and out with ease. They look just as good with pajamas as with athleisure and are my go-tos for when I need to quickly let my dog outside to do his business. Those grippy soles mean you won’t be slipping and sliding around, and they’re just cozy enough for hunkering down at home on chilly days. As for fit: I’m usually an 8.5, and they don’t come in half sizes, but I went down to an 8 and they felt fine. That said, the brand advises going up a half size if you have wider feet or prefer a looser fit.


  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Warm

$110 at Ugg


Sizes: 5 to 11 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Suede, shearling, rubber | Colors:

These ultra-warm L.L.Beans have been my standby winter pair for years. The classic mocs are lined with a generous amount of shearling, making them warm, soft and oh-so cozy. The textured rubber outsole offers ample traction on carpets, tiles and hardwood floors alike, and makes it safe and easy to dash outside to the mailbox. That shearling also wicks away moisture to keep my tootsies dry and cool. I had my last pair for over three years and they still fit and looked great, though the shearling does matte down over time.


  • Super warm
  • Very soft
  • Good traction
  • Comes in wide sizes

$89 at L.L.Bean


Sizes: 4 to 16 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Foam, ethylene vinyl acetate | Colors: 16 

Our Deputy Commerce Editor, Izabella Zaydenberg is just one of the tens of thousands of fans of these super-cushioned slides. “I used to walk around barefoot or in socks, and now I slip these on immediately once I get home. They’re the most comfortable slippers I’ve ever owned,” she says. While they won’t keep your feet warm, they’re a great option for anyone who overheats easily or just wants a great slipper for the summer months. They are so cushioned and supportive that Zaydenberg compares them to her favorite Hoka sneakers, saying “I could probably run a marathon in them; they’re that pillowy.” After wearing them for over two years, she reports that they’ve held up and hasn’t noticed any difference in the cushioning level from when she took them out of the box.


  • Affordable
  • Deep heel cup
  • Supportive
  • Super cushioned

$24 at Amazon


Sizes: 5 to 13 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Faux fur, EVA, rubber | Colors: 8

Not only were these designed by a team of podiatrists, they also earned themselves an APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance — so you know they’re going to bring the comfort and support you need. Dr. Brenner recommends these for their “superior arch support.” In addition to their foot-cradling, shock-absorbing, orthotic footbed, Relaxes feature an adjustable hook-and-loop closure strap that makes finding your ideal fit a cinch. They’re also fully lined in super-soft terry cloth which shoppers say feels great against their skin.


  • Adjustable strap
  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Great arch support

$64 at Amazon


Sizes: 4.5 to 13 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Rubber, mesh | Colors: 35 

Our deals writer Carrie McCabe loves these rubber-soled slippers so much that she wore them on six flights in 10 days. “After putting them to the test, I can vouch that these are an amazing option for anyone wanting to up their comfort level on an increasingly stuffy, uncomfortable multi-hour flight,” she reports. These cute house shoes have durable, hard rubber bottoms that are supportive and protective enough to wear outdoors while boasting a flexible design that won’t leave your feet feeling constricted. She did note that the soles sometimes squeak a bit, especially on hard flooring like wood or vinyl, but that it’s no deal-breaker.


  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Supportive
  • Comfortable
  • Tons of colors

  • Can make slight squeaking noises

$21 at Amazon


Sizes: Small to XL | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Fleece, EVA | Colors: 6

With more than 23,400 five-star reviews, it’s easy to see why these cuties are a fan favorite. They’re made with plush fleece and feature a padded memory foam insole that customers say is so comfortable it feels like you are “walking on clouds.” Even better, they also have a thick non-slip sole, meaning they can be worn alfresco and at home. Coming in at less than $25 a pair, they’re a great bang for your buck, though some shoppers have noted that the fuzzy uppers can shed a bit at first.


  • Affordable
  • Rubber sole
  • Comfortable
  • Warm
  • Memory foam insole

$20 at Amazon


Sizes: 4 to 12.5 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Shearling, cork, latex | Colors:

Zermatts are designed with the anatomically arched cork-latex footbed that Birkenstock sandal owners all know and love, and have a soft wool upper that is warm yet breathable. Dr. Cunha is a big fan of these because of their versatility. “These slippers are engineered with the option of choosing one of three removable insoles: the standard footbed, the soft footbed, and the shearling footbed, that can be ordered separately, to suit your personal needs,” he explains. In other words, you can swap them out depending on how much warmth your feet crave. 


  • Removable insoles
  • Comes in narrow sizes
  • Supportive
  • Warm

$100 at Birkenstock


Sizes: 5 to 12 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Sheepskin, rubber | Colors: 3

These are so cute and comfy that I’ve started to wear my old pair as actual shoes when I leave the house. While you can wear many options on this list outdoors, this pair probably has the thickest, most rugged sole of the bunch. The sheepskin sock liner wicks moisture away and keeps my feet nice and dry. Like any shearling-lined slipper, the fluffiness on the insoles does start to flatten out over time, but I found that the exterior fluff still looks great years later.


  • Very cozy
  • Great traction
  • Supportive
  • Warm
  • Soft

$120 at Zappos


Sizes: Small to XL | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Nylon, rubber | Colors: 6

Oprah loves these cute slipper booties so much that they made her coveted Favorite Things List in 2002. “Some days you need your slippers to go the distance, like from the house to the mailbox. With quilted nylon on the outside and memory foam insoles, this plush pair, perfect for both moms and dads, makes it feel like you’re walking on a cloud,” she says. Warm Ups are specially designed to hug your feet, giving you all-day comfort. They’re super-breathable and feature special DF Adapt technology, which is designed to prevent your feet from sweating (and, later, smelling). They also have a teddy bear-feel lining and plush insole with memory foam. Even better? You can toss them in the wash with whenever they need a refresh.


  • Oprah-approved
  • Very comfortable
  • Cozy
  • Warm
  • Machine-washable

  • Some shoppers said they fit snugly so be sure to check the size chart

$32 at Amazon


Sizes: 5 to 12 | Outdoor-safe: Yes | Materials: Suede, faux fur, rubber | Colors:

Dr. Timothy Oldani, DPM, FACFAS, recommends these for people who have foot ailments. In addition to the brand’s usual built-in orthotics, they also have “a wide toe box to accommodate people with bunions and hammertoes.” The slippers boasts both anatomical arch support and a deep heel cup to comfortably cradle your feet and they have an extra layer of cushioning for even more comfort. The sturdy rubber bottom will keep your feet supported while the faux fur lining keeps your tootsies super warm. They have nearly 2,000 five-star ratings, with one shopper raving “I wear my Capri slippers from the time I get up until I go to bed while I am home.”


  • Very sturdy
  • Good cushioning
  • Ample arch support
  • Ergonomic sole
  • Wide sizes available

$125 at Orthofeet


Sizes: XS to Large | Outdoor-safe: No | Materials: Acrylic, nylon, Merino wool, viscose, polyester, spandex | Colors:

While you definitely shouldn’t wear these slipper socks outside, they do have grippy bottoms to give them a good amount of traction. Yahoo commerce editor Saundra Latham says they perform great on her home’s slippery wood floors. “These aren’t as cushiony as some slippers — they’re more of a sock-slipper hybrid. But it looks like Bombas has updated the design to add a little more cushioning, so your mileage may vary! I like that they’re lightweight, though — it makes them handier in all seasons,” she says. Latham says the slippers are warm without being too warm and are very well made. She’s been wearing them for about six months and says “The grippy spots are as grippy as ever, and they aren’t peeling off, which is a problem with cheap grippy socks and slippers.” She does note that the pricing is a bit high for a slipper sock but the brand does donate a pair to charity for every pair bought, so you can feel good about your purchase.


  • Cozy
  • Grippy for traction
  • Warm
  • Machine-washable
  • Very cushioned

$48 at Bombas

In addition to thorough market and product research on dozens of slippers, we also turned to the pros, asking a team of podiatrists about how to shop for the best slippers, because who would know better than them? We also polled them and our team of shopping experts to see which slippers are their favorites.

Whether you’re wearing them for added warmth or you just hate walking around barefoot, you want to find a pair of slippers that are both comfortable and supportive. To find the option that best suits your needs, there are a number of factors to consider:

Material: The right material is key for comfortable slippers. Think about your needs when deciding what material to choose. Cotton slippers very breathable and great if your feet tend to overheat, while wool is ideal for colder climates, as they provide ample insulation and warmth. Suede is super soft on your feet but doesn’t wick away moisture as well as other options, so it might not be the best choice if your feet are often in or near water, in which case polyester or nylon may be the way to go.

Support: Finding a slipper that has “adequate support through the arch and shock absorption under the ball of the foot,” is essential says Dr. Oldani. Dr. Cunha agrees, telling us slippers with ample arch support “minimize arch fatigue and discomfort, as well as a slight heel lift to reduce the stress and pain affecting the plantar fascia, posterior tibial and achilles tendons, which is commonly associated with arch pain.” He also suggests looking for a slipper that is rigid and not flimsy in the middle, because “if the slipper bends easily, you will not get adequate arch support.”

Warmth: If you’re looking for a cozy pair of slippers to keep your feet warm, opt for styles lined with wool, fleece, shearling or faux fur.

Outsole: Says Dr. Brenner, “It’s always important to make sure there is grip on the bottom of the sole slipper” to prevent slipping and sliding on different surfaces. Rubber outsoles are ideal especially if you plan to walk outside because they “provide protection and shock absorption of the foot as well as grip and traction of the sole,” says Dr. Cunha.

Insole: Dr. Cunha recommends looking for slippers with insoles that are either memory foam or ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). “Memory foam molds to the anatomy of the foot and is typically used in insoles for customized support and cushioning as it helps relieve pressure and distribute weight evenly across the foot.” While “EVA is often used in midsoles as this material is lightweight, shock-absorbing, and helps provide cushioning and comfort,” he says.

Fit: As with any shoe, you should try them on at the end of the day to make sure they fit properly. “Fluid retention in your feet is the most prominent at the end of the day due to the cumulative effects of gravity,” says Dr. Cunha. “If the slipper fits well at the end of the day, they are most likely to feel comfortable throughout the day.” He also suggests choosing a pair that has a wide toe box, especially if you suffer from bunions, hammer toes or neuromas.

The terms house shoes and slippers are used interchangeably as there is no industry standard that differentiates the two, but Dr. Brenner tells us house shoes often provide more stability and support than slippers. “They’re more of a structured shoe and more protective, while slippers are softer and more flexible.”

While slippers are good for anyone who likes having a bit of support and cushioning under their feet (without dragging dirt and grime from outdoor shoes all over their house), Dr. Oldani tells us there are certain groups of people who would benefit greatly from wearing slippers around the house and avoid barefoot walking: “These groups would include those with a history of plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia. A slipper with a soft, supportive insole can be of benefit to reduce impact through the heel and under the ball of the foot.” He also added that diabetics with a history of neuropathy should avoid walking barefoot in the house and look for slippers with a durable outsole to protect them from injury.

This is all about personal preference. While there is no real benefit or downside, no matter which way you prefer, Dr. Cunha tells us “Some people may prefer wearing socks for increased comfort and warmth, especially in colder weather. From a hygiene perspective, wearing socks may help your feet stay cleaner from dirt and debris on the ground.”

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