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The best superfood for fitness, helps you gain muscle and lose weight

The best superfood for fitness, helps you gain muscle and lose weightSD


The superfoods They are very fashionable. Increasingly healthy eating and healthy living are gaining prominence. And sports lovers are great consumers of this type of food to be one more supplement in their daily work. If we talk about exercising there is an algae fitness par excellence and this has been demonstrated by science: Wakame.

For about five years now, the science of nutrition has fully entered sports locker rooms, be they professionals or simply gyms. They improve their performance and avoid injuries thanks to nutritional orthodoxy. One of the foods that has brought about a revolution in the athletes diet are algae due to its high protein content and negligible caloric intake.

Many make a strange face when you talk about eating seaweed, but that prejudice has been overcome. Wakame is one of the most traditional ingredients of Japanese cuisine. It is an algae with multiple culinary uses and great benefits and nutritional properties. Do you want to know this alga better? It is an alga that is traditionally used in the japan and korea cuisine, although its use has expanded to kitchens around the world and it is already easy to find in many supermarkets. Despite its popularity in the kitchen, it is considered a invasive species in areas such as the Mediterranean.

The wakame is a seaweed that has a subtle and marine flavor, so it is very versatile in the kitchen. The texture is silky and fleshy and it is marketed in powder and in both fresh and dried leaves, which is its most common presentation. It is a nutritionally very interesting product. Its multiple properties provide great health benefitswhich is why it is being cultivated more and more to make nutritional supplements and as an essential element for phytotherapy treatments.

Seaweed such as Wakame have been a highly valued food, especially in the countries of the Asian continent, where they have always been consumed

Regarding the properties of wakame, its high calcium content stands out, with 150 mg per 100 grams. It is also a good source of potassium and phosphorus. Therefore, it is a beneficial food for bones and teeth. Iodine is another of the fundamental elements of wakame and has other micronutrients such as selenium. It also provides other minerals such as sodium and magnesium. For his low calorie, is advisable for slimming diets. In addition, it has a high fiber content, essential for the proper functioning of intestinal transit. In general, it is a food that helps to lose weight thanks to its satiating effects. In fact, there are wakame-based dietary supplements that serve as an adjuvant in low-calorie diets.

In addition it is rich in vitamins from group B and vitamin K1. Thanks to its pigments, it provides beta-carotene (vitamin A) and fucoxanthin, with great antioxidant power. Due to its iodine and vitamin K content, people with thyroid or coagulation problems should not abuse it.

Widely used by athletes

Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo They have already included them in their habits but if there is a footballer who knows its benefits well, that is the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, which revolutionized his body and his performance in part thanks to algae. For four seasons, she has followed a minimalist diet that has allowed her to lose weight. Finer and more fibrous than ever, Benzema is in enviable physical condition. A careful diet to the extreme, with zero licenses to sweets and alcohol (only alkaline water, consisting of five meals a day high in carbohydrates and quality proteins, and low in fat, in which products of great nutritional value such as microalgae stand out. , vegetable proteins that are seven times greater than a beef steak, steamed vegetables and fish, coconut oil or carob powder.

how can you take it

Wakame has great properties and can be taken as a nutritional supplement, but you can also enjoy it on the plate. It is a versatile seaweed that is part of recipes such as miso soup and is the main ingredient in delicious and refreshing salads. We can also taste it in pokes and tartars.

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