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The ‘Centurion’ training to gain more muscle

            Partner workouts are a great way to stay motivated and make sure the intensity stays high. And the ‘Centurion’ workout pits you and your partner against 600 repetitions of six of the toughest upper-body exercises. Your goal is to split the reps between the two of you.

            After warming up well, load up the bar and get to work in a “you go/I go” fashion, first one and then the other, resting only while your partner is working and taking it in turns.

            Maintain good technique at all times, and control your timing to trigger your muscle building, but don’t push yourself hard at first.

            1- Bench press x 100

            That the bar rubs against your chest but without supporting it… (The correct technique to do bench press for chest).

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            2- Pull-ups x 100

            Do not fully extend your elbows and avoid rocking.

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            3- Push Press x 100

            Back straight at all times.

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            4- Clean x 100

            Do not curve the lower back…

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            5- Dips or funds in parallel x 100

            Without swaying and looking ahead, go as low as you can.

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            6- Barbell Curl x 100

            To activate the muscles well, stretch your arms well in each repetition.

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