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The huge biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son

            It goes without saying that Joseph Baena, one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sons, is already one of our regulars at Men’s Health. A lover of classic bodybuilding and old-school fitness championed by his father, he wants to be an actor, but he also trains daily in the gym to stay in shape and gain more and more kilos of muscle. Okay, genetics helps, but his years of hard work with the weights show.

            And in one of his latest instagram stories we have seen him boasting, once again, of giant biceps. In fact, one of his favorite muscle groups when it comes to training are his arms, biceps and triceps, as he has confessed in an interview. And you already know that there are a series of exercises that are fundamental to hypertrophy the arms: alternating biceps curl with dumbbells, Z-bar curl on Scott bench, standing curl with a straight bar and one-arm concentration curl with dumbbell. (Top 21 Biceps Exercises For Big Arms).


            Joseph Baena, aspiring bodybuilder and actor

            At 25, the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to train in acting and is also a well-known television personality in the US, thanks, for example, to the dance show dancing with the stars which, by the way, he was about to win and in which he surprised by his ability to dance from tangos to more modern dances, such as reggaeton. (Joseph Baena’s full body workout).

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