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The Importance of Commitment in Yoga • Yoga Basics

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Typically vows are related to weddings and unions as companions make guarantees of dedication to one another. A vow is solely that: a promise. Whether verbal or written, a vow is a promise you make to commit your self to a sure function or course of motion. We make guarantees and commitments to others on a regular basis, however when was the final time you made a vow to and for your self?

Think about your yoga follow, the way it’s developed over time, and the way your relationship together with your follow has developed as nicely. How do you understand your relationship together with your follow? How do you measure your development on the yoga path?

When I initially did this psychological exercise, I thought-about 4 parts of my follow: asana, pranayama, dharana (concentration), and dhyana (meditation). I noticed that I had solely been specializing in a number of features of yoga, so I made a vow to myself to discover different areas of my follow. And I’m encouraging you to do the identical.

What is a yogic vow?

Vrata is a Sanskrit phrase that originated in the Vedas and Upanishads that interprets to “vow, resolve, or devotion.” A vrata is a deliberate and considerate dedication of private motion carried out to extend the well-being of oneself or one’s family members. Setting and making a vrata is a private follow which will contain prayer, chanting, studying of religious texts, meditation or yoga practices.

How to Make a Yoga Commitment

Make a vow which you could (and can wish to) decide to

After recognizing the areas lacking from my progress report, I made a decision to start by incorporating the moral values of the yamas (“do not’s”) and niyamas (“do’s”) into my follow. Trying to not really feel intimidated by all the bottom to cowl (there’s at all times extra to study!), I started my quest for development with one niyama: santosha (contentment or acceptance).

My vow: I settle for that I’ve a lot to study, and I vow to follow santosha when dealing with new classes. Note: “lessons” is my optimistic euphemism for “challenges.”

practicing yoga commitmentFind particular methods to follow your vow

Unlike a purpose, which could be measured by a transparent and definitive vacation spot or checkpoint, a vow is a little more summary. Therefore it’s essential to seek out some sensible methods to display your promise to your self.

For occasion, let’s take the marriage vow to unconditionally love your companion “in sickness and in health.” A sensible utility of this may appear like bringing your companion tissues and tea after they have a chilly relatively than protecting them with a blanket and operating away.

In a yogic context, I can apply my vow to follow santosha when battling a brand new asana by practising self-compassion with an encouraging phrase or phrase and/or smiling after every try.

7 Ways to maintain your self accountable to your vow

  1. Make a day by day dedication. Decide the way you’d like to include your vow into your day-to-day life and spend a couple of minutes each day doing so.
  2. Connect to your coronary heart. Remember your intentions and the way the follow of yoga can assist you progress ahead in a great way.
  3. Write your vow. Put a bit of paper with the phrase or phrase close to your mat or carry it with you in your pocket. Consider protecting a yoga journal.
  4. Recite your vow. Repeat it earlier than, all through, and after your follow or at sure factors all through the day.
  5. Share your vow. Find a vow companion! It could be useful to have somebody verify in on you. Plus, it’s possible you’ll even encourage them to do the identical in their follow.
  6. Symbolize your vow. Wear one thing that reminds you of your dedication. I knew somebody who tied a purple string round his wrist, and, each time he complained, he needed to change wrists. After in the future he was so irritated with it, however it stored him conscious of his behavior!
  7. Teach your vow. If you educate yoga, create a category primarily based in your vow. For instance, should you’re specializing in aparigraha (liberation of extra) sequence your class with chest- and hip-opening poses.

Reap the advantages

Having a private promise with a clearly laid-out utility provides a component of mindfulness to not solely your yoga follow, but additionally to your day by day ideas, actions, and interactions. I can apply my vow to follow santosha by expressing gratitude in difficult instances—each on and off the mat.

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