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The impressive physical transformation of Marta López with fitness around the age of 50

martha lopez is, without a doubt, one of the best-known faces on Spanish television for his collaboration for so many years in ‘Save me‘. The program of Telecinco It has been her home for many seasons and many years, but it seems that the years do not pass for the collaborator, who, far from being affected by this, has adopted a healthy life style and looks a spectacular figure.

Magazine Week has echoed the exercise routine of the television collaborator who is about to turn 50. Her enviable physical appearance shows off on her social networks, where she shares her progress and her physical changes with her followers.

Your training plan

The collaborator practices physical exercise several days a week for 60 minutes with her personal trainerI, Jonathan Martinez. In fact, the ‘personal trainer’ revealed to Semana magazine what specific exercises the Telecinco collaborator follows to look like that at 50 years of age.

“It is an easy routine to follow if you have never exercised before, since you work the whole body in a dynamic and entertaining way, which makes you enjoy physical exercise and at the same time take care of your health. At a sports level, this routine is focused on improving people’s physical background, improves balance, creates muscle mass and helps fat loss, since by raising and lowering the heart rate all the time, we burn many calories”, he comments.

The best exercises to stay in shape

One of the physical exercises that keeps it that way martha lopez and that it is advisable to do at any age to have a good physical state are the multi-joint exercises. Those that its own name indicates, are those that include different groups of joints (unlike isolated exercises), which will make us improve our mobility, elasticity and strength.

One of them are the free squats, which we can do without weight or adding more kilos from time to time. The pull ups, whether with help, without help or with weight, are some of the best exercises to keep fit. In the same way, abdominal plank, in its lateral modalities, it is also an interesting exercise to work the core.

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