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The incredible physical change of Jesús Vázquez to be the cover of Men’s Health at the age of 57

Jesus Vazquez, one of the best-known presenters on Spanish television, has dazzled everyone with a spectacular cover in Men’s Health magazine. The one who was a presenter of ‘The Voice’, ‘Operation Triumph’ or ‘Survivors’among others, has shown off his spectacular physical shape, posing shirtless at age 57.

In addition, it is not only news for appearing on the cover of the April 2023 issue, but it also manages to the record of being the oldest man to appear in the magazine. A title that Jorge Fernández owned, starring in the special number of the summer of 2022.

Jesús Vázquez and his spectacular cover

“I have begun to accept the passing of the years, but it has cost me a lot. I have had a very difficult 40s and a complicated 50s, but now that I am seeing the 60s on the horizon, I begin to accept it much better, to say ‘well, that’s great, I’ve reached 57 without envying those photos from ten years ago“, explained Jesús Vázquez himself after the photo session.

In addition, he not only talked about his physique, but also about his career and the problems he had in some interviews: “I only had an incident with an octopus in an office, which I am not going to say its name, which was also an octopus, eh?, not pulp… But hey, I’m not going to start making a ‘me too’ here now, or denounce anything. But yes, yes, I had an incident, well a couple, in which I felt that they were trying to wrap their tentacles around me and I had to set limits and know how to stop the situation in time”.

Let nothing stop you. And less the years“Was the phrase with which he wanted to close the talk, encouraging people to take care of themselves, regardless of age, using himself as an example.

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