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the keys of your training to not gain weight

In March 2023 he turned 41 years old david bustamante, that young man who conquered the millionaire audience of the first Operación Triunfo with his naturalness, his sincerity and his good work on stage, which since then has been his place of work, leaving behind the works and his beginnings as a bricklayer. More than two decades after that appearance together with Bisbal, Chenoa and company, Bustamante, who has always maintained a close link with sports activity —for example, he plays soccer very well—, continues to be in top physical shape, and that, past 40, it is no coincidence.

Like Iker Casillas and many other celebrities who take care of themselves to the point that they don’t seem to have a birthday, physical activity is one of the main reasons why Bustamante seems to have found the elixir of eternal youth. He has a good “fault” of it Iván Perujo, his personal trainerthe one that encourages him to “crush himself” in the gym, as the singer himself shows us from time to time on his social networks.

Perujo and Bustamante share origin, Cantabria (“la tierruca”, as both presume), but their professional relationship became closer as a result of the personal trainer preparing him for participate in the Evening of the Yearthe boxing event organized annually by the streamer Ibai Llanos.

Of David Bustamante, his personal trainer says that «It shows that he has done sports for a long time when it comes to taking the technique», but acknowledges that «being a smoker costs the bottom something more». This is a detail that brings David Bustamante closer to many people who go to the gym routinely and constantly but who are unable to quit smoking. Celebrities and ordinary people have much more in common than it may seem a priori.

In fact, there are more common links. For example, the fact that David Bustamante trains “very well”, said by his personal trainer, but that he also has “lots of ups and downs”. Surely to more than one reader who loves sports and fitness it sounds like those weeks in which, for one reason or another, the motivation to train disappears.

It is in these valley areas where having a personal trainer to help regain motivation and that it prepares the appropriate workload for our characteristics is even more important, since it limits the risk of us becoming disengaged from training.

In this sense, Iván Perujo emphasizes the impact of the mental part of training. «Age really isn’t an issue. as long as the exercise is adapted to the physical state of the person. What’s more, it goes beyond the merely physical since the mental state is essential to do any physical exercise », he affirms.

In fact, David Bustamante’s personal trainer adds that one of the priority objectives he seeks when working with the singer is mental. «The goal is to escape the stress of your daily life and increase your quality of life.“, says. Added to this is the physical work they do together, focused on “achieving an adequate degree of resistance for the pace of life they lead, accompanied by weight loss and muscle mass gain,” says Perujo.

These objectives of David Bustamante and Iván Perujo with which many amateur athletes will feel identified.

This is David Bustamante’s training

David Bustamante trains hard and well, according to his personal trainer, but always with a workload appropriate to his work rate. «The amount of training required of David is appropriate to his physical condition, background and performance», comments Iván Perujo.

Specifically, the Cantabrian coach, who has his sports center in the Madrid town of Villanueva de la Cañada, prepares a training routine for David Bustamante that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. In them, he explains, “machine strength exercises are added to functional circuits of explosiveness, strength and resistance, plyometrics, etc.”

And this work, continues Iván Perujo, is complemented with the specific training of boxingwhich is the favorite discipline of the personal trainer, the one he recommends to complete a base work done in the gym like the one he designs for David Bustamante.

David Bustamante with his personal trainer Iván Perujo

instagram @ivanperujo

Mental predisposition and diet

As for physical activity, which can be similar to that of David Bustamante led by Iván Perujo or of another type depending on personal needs and tastes —as long as the workload suits your circumstances—, the Cantabrian coach adds two more key factors to be healthy regardless of age: mental predisposition and diet.

Regarding the latter, Perujo equates its importance to that of physical training. «Without a doubt, along with sport, Diet is essential to achieve your goals.“, it states. And about the first, Iván Perujo is clear that it is “of vital importance when facing any sports training.”

These complementary aspects of training, which improve its quality and help to achieve objectives, can be worked on. Iván Perujo explains how: «Being disciplined, with a very marked order and daily routine. and with certain flexibility not to enter the field of obsessionss”, points out the personal trainer, who does recognize that it depends in part on how the trainer manages to generate it in the person he trains, but who gives great value and importance to the motivation that he calls “intrinsic”, that generated by the athlete himself. “In the case of David, this one has most of the responsibility in the process and as a consequence in the result,” acknowledges Iván Perujo.

For the singer’s trainer, in any case, sport is essential, a pillar of a healthy life, also from the age of 40, the vital stage in which David Bustamante is now. «It is always advisable to play sports, and older if possible, since we need more to work our body, strength, resistance, muscle mass and mobility. Since we are losing it over time, sport helps us to add years in a healthy and healthy way”, concludes Iván Perujo.

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