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The most effective exercises to increase physical resistance

There is no single perfect workout. Personal trainers, specialists in the field, are tired of saying it to underline the importance of planning in physical exercise. Wanting to lose weight is not the same as wanting to increase muscle mass or having goals as demanding as doing a triathlon or running a marathon, to give different examples. Therefore, depending on what you intend to achieve with the training (plus rest and food, you know), some exercises or others will have more or less prominence. In this case, we focus on the increase in physical resistance as the main objective.

As the American Heart Association explains, “resistance exercise is one of four types of exercise, along with strength, balance, and flexibility exercises.” This source, from the perspective of health, recommends including the four types of exercises in healthy training routines. But, in the specific case of resistance exercises, he warns of the following: «if you have just started an exercise routine after living sedentarily, do not rush. If you have not been active for a long time, it is important that you gradually increase the pace », he assures. “It’s important to set realistic goals based on your own health and abilities,” he adds.

For their part, the experts from Metropolitan, these sports specialists themselves, emphasize that “physical resistance is fundamental for day-to-day life, since it develops that natural capacity of endurance that the body has, but that is lost if it is not cultivated properly ». They remember from the chain of gyms that resistance is applied in a multitude of routine gestures, such as a race when taking the bus.

For this reason, they insist on its importance, also highlighting the positive impact it has on lung and heart health. “Practicing exercise not only improves physical fitness, but also accompanies a strengthening of the organs, and to achieve this, exercises focused on improving physical resistance are essential,” explains the Metropolitan team in this regard. For this reason, they continue, “it is essential to develop the ability to perform physical exercises that involve the large muscle groups of the body, at a moderate intensity and for a long period of time, which will greatly strengthen the heart, the most important muscle of the organism that allows to increase the cardiovascular capacity”.

Science also shows the importance of training that includes resistance exercises. This is the case of studies such as the one entitled The Effect of Endurance Training on Parameters of Aerobic Fitness, echoed by the American Heart Association, which concludes that “the supply of oxygen to the mitochondria of cells is improved by strictly regulating the muscle metabolism and, therefore, producing an improvement in endurance performance,” says the association. This recommends that aerobic activities concentrate at least 30 minutes of your daily routine “to maintain your condition and state of health», he concludes.

The best exercises to increase physical resistance

Based on the specialized opinion, medical and sports respectively, of the two sources consulted for the preparation of this piece, we have condensed in this list some of the best exercises, the most effective, to increase physical resistance. They are the following:

«Running is synonymous with not needing external material to be able to carry out and perform a complete activity», highlights the Metropolitan team, who define running as one of the most complete exercises that exist because «for the development of its practice you have to activate the vast majority of your muscles, and therefore your pulmonary and cardiovascular systems will also improve» . With running it is essential to set accessible goals, which is why we include walking in the equation, which can be a very valid first step to change a sedentary life for one that is active.

It is ideal if you can do this activity outdoors because it has added benefits on a mental level and because you usually do longer workouts, but you have the alternative of indoor cycling if you go to the gym or even the stationary bike if you train at home . The latter, they say from Metropolitan. «It is widely used by beginners, especially for those who want to work mainly the lower body ». The advantage of indoor cycling in group classes is that, in addition to being guided by a professional, it has the extra component of fun that group work brings.

It is a sporting activity that is often not considered in the pool of exercises and, nevertheless, it is one of the best alternatives available to increase physical resistance. In gyms, for example, collective Zumba classes are common, a type of Latin dance that is now much more than a passing fad. “This activity allows you to burn calories and tone muscles through fun dance choreography,” they explain from Metropolitan.

It is one of the most complete sports that exists, even healthier than running because impacts against the surface are avoided. In the water, these do not exist, then the risk of injury is lower. The biggest drawback of swimming is loneliness and the lack of knowledge to practice on your own, so it is advisable, unless you are an expert or have a foundation, to sign up for guided classes that are consistent with our physical and technical level. .

It is one of the physical exercises that most impact physical resistance in a positive sense. We mention it because it can be done anywhere in the world where the hand of the human being has intervened: except in natural settings, it is very easy to find stairs where you can train. You only need to put on some sneakers and sportswear to try it.


Hiit type exercise

HIIT type training

Like Zumba, high-intensity training, functional training or, as it is better known, HIIT, became fashionable a few years ago. This fitness discipline is also here to stay, since it allows you to combine resistance and strength in short sessions of time, around an hour. “It is a high-intensity training, which improves our cardiovascular system, speeds up metabolism, and if you practice it regularly, not only while training but also afterwards,” says the Metropolitan team, who define HIIT as a workout «very effective fat burner that also allows us to significantly improve our muscles». Of course, this is a demanding activity, in which from the outset we cannot pretend to raise our level very high, hence the best is the technical supervision of a qualified professional.

Is one of the sports where you sweat the most and where physical resistance is most improvedHence, it has adapted to non-competitive environments with variations that have settled in gyms that have no tradition of this activity. Being a very intense cardiovascular workout, resistance is improved, but at the same time strength is worked. In gyms like Metropolitan, the adaptation also takes parts of mixed martial arts, working more on the lower body. “Thanks to the requirement of an aerobic capacity and powerful blood circulation, it improves cardiovascular and respiratory health,” they point out from the gym chain.

It is no coincidence that the rope is a key element in the preparation of sports such as boxing precisely, which require a very high physical resistance to withstand its demands. For this reason, we include this exercise in this list where we have combined disciplines that must be practiced in specialized sports centers that have training facilities with other exercises that you can do anywhere, be it at home, the park, or even the beach. Jump rope is one of the latter. You can search the internet for the many varieties of this simple exercise that exist so that you can take on new challenges as you overcome some simpler ones and your physical resistance and technical capacity improve.

It is the last of the exercises that the Metropolitan team highlights among the most effective for gaining physical resistance. This fitness machine made up of two foot platforms and two hand bars is designed to move the body in harmony. «To train with the elliptical, it is essential to do it with the body upright and the head firm, without bending the back or shrinking. You must maintain the correct posture throughout the exercise, despite the fact that fatigue may prompt you to relax the position, “they advise from Metropolitan.

The great advantage of this exercise is that it adapts to all physical levels, so it is perfect to get down to work when we want to introduce healthy habits into our lives and, therefore, resume physical exercise.

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