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The Mountain lifts 395 kg

    If it is taken into account that Harthor Bjornsson’s record deadlift is 501 kilograms it should come as no surprise that he raised 395 kilos recently. But if one takes into account that it reduced its size and he lost more than 50 kilograms to focus on boxing for a couple of yearsthen the mark of his return to force is more impressive.

    The Icelander who dominated the competitions ‘The strongest man’ and also became popular thanks to his character The mountain in Game of Thrones (HBO) has achieved his deadlift challenge at the Rogue Invitationalan appointment in which he had already warned that he was returning to strength training.

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    When Thor Bjornsson last competed in ‘Strongest Man’ weighed around 210 kilograms (measures 205 centimeters tall). It threatened his bones because they might not be able to support the pounds of his muscles, so he decided to lower his calorie intake and engage in a different training that he focused on boxing. However, after a couple of fights and the show he gave in the ring with another ‘strongman’ (Eddy Hall) he announced that it was time to return to strength after two years of hiatus.

    In 2022 he could already be seen at the Rogue International, but it was in its 2023 edition when he lifted 395 kilograms of dead weight. As a notice that he is back, he has posted on his social networks.

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