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The new boutique gym, Bilbao Combat Center, is born

The Bilbao Combat Center boutique gym has a team of professionals who guide different combat disciplines for adults, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu and boxing, as well as a system of physical conditioning and optimization of body mass (Metabolic). For the youngest, its offer includes a self-defense, security and psychomotor work program (Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu kids). According to its founder, Jaime Cariñena, it is a proposal “focused on all kinds of audiences, from children to adults. People who want to get in shape, resume sports, or start for the first time in this type of sport”.


The center is made up of 190 square meters, and around 150,000 euros have been invested in it. As a differentiating aspect and in relation to other Spanish centers with the same characteristics, Jaime Cariñena highlights the “personalized treatment with the client and the aesthetics of the center. Everything is taken care of with meticulous detail”.

The rate ranges between 65 and 80 euros per month. In addition, they have Squad Fitness, as a functional training consultancy, where routines are designed and possible doubts are raised.

There are many users who have not been slow to appreciate their time at the academy, flattering not only the facilities, but also its professionals, as is the case of María, who has highlighted the personal and professional treatment, as well as its spaces. “So far the reception has been spectacular, we have no complaints,” explains Jaime.

Bilbao Combat Center plans to expand in 5 years, and plans to set up another academy in Bilbao.

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