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The new discipline that merges fitness and ballet, by Fitness Ballet

The classic dance allows to tone muscles and improve strength and flexibility thanks to the new technique that it presents Fitness Ballet. It is about exercising without seeming to be doing it, mixing the music and movements of the best classical dancers with physical training.

It is an innovative method that is successful in several countries around the world and many celebrities practice it. The best thing about this technique is that there is no age or gender limit to develop it and the results, with consistency, are reflected in a minimum period of time.

Fitness Ballet proposes specific class programs

This academy, directed by Professor Elena Marco, works on the body and mind in a complete way by uniting the best of physical exercise such as strength, energy and muscular work, with all the particularities of classical dance such as musicality, beauty, elasticity, stylization and coordination.

The Fitness Ballet training is the perfect mix and balance between intense exercise and the sensation of flying with classical music. By reducing muscle loads, since no weight-bearing exercises are performed, students avoid injuries, while expressing all their feelings with the most elegant movements.

In this way, those people who regret not being introduced to dance when they were younger have the opportunity to do so now, without any excuse. Even pregnant women can perform Fitness Ballet because there are specific programs for this technique for them.

Becoming a teacher with Fitness Ballet

Teachers looking to innovate in their classes or people who do not have ballet training, but want to start teaching this technique, Fitness Ballet also offers the opportunity to become a monitor.

For this, the academy offers a program of 60 hours of face-to-face training combined with practical sessions, so that their students can become qualified teachers capable of conducting one of the best classes in this field. Fitness Ballet makes available updates in terms of music, equipment and choreography. In addition to the graduate with his diploma, he will be able to be part of the Fitness Ballet job bank.

Comprehensive training implies that the student absorbs everything related to the Fitness Ballet discipline to later transmit that passion to their students.

It’s just a matter of venturing into this mix of styles that offers endless physical and mental benefits, to which can be added the possibility of promising job opportunities.

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