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“The overall benefit of strength training is unsurpassed”

Traditionally the world of body-building It develops in constant feedback. Those who practice it live this discipline intensely almost exclusively among equals. Those who are foreign to her, look at her with the same face that they would have if an alien ship landed on their doorstep. It is rare to find a bodybuilding champion who parks his sports practice and makes an effort to preach that strength training is not reduced to showing off muscle, nor to the perfect proportions, that health is what is important. For this reason we interviewed Carlos Pereda ( @carlosperedam3 )a Venezuelan living in Spain, IFBB world bodybuilding champion master category last year 2022 and owner of the gym M3 Fitness Center in Murcia, where he does not stop disclosing everything that is healthy in training with loads. This is what he told us.

Carlos for starting somewhere, tell us what brought you to Spain

I arrived here in 2005. Before, in Venezuela, I practiced powerlifting from a very young age and over time I ended up opting for bodybuilding. What got me hooked on that discipline is the physical transformation that you can achieve. You know what happens, when you’re between sixteen and eighteen, what you want is to look good, and back then that meant being like arnold or as Stallonewho were the protagonists of action movies, that makes you develop an obsession with aesthetics and this part is what involves delving into the darker side of that sport For this reason I refuse to recommend it to everyone, because what you do with your body is really violent and extreme. There is no balance it is something against nature. I understood it from the beginning, because I didn’t compete but I did train with people who did and followed their same routines, their same series, the same repetitions, the same weights… and my physique had nothing to do with theirs. At that moment you realize that you have to do things that you shouldn’t, although in Venezuela that was not as frowned upon as it is here, let’s say they have it much more internalized. Here it is rather the opposite, they even look down on you for buying a bottle of protein when it really is nothing more than that, protein.

And the evolution until you became a coach, how did it happen?

As a competitor in Venezuela I won several championships as a junior and I decided that I would like to professionalize it and study it to see how far it could go. I thought that in Spain this sport would be valued more, but I found that it was even less than there. I started working and my work was very physical, but even so I took time to train because I knew that this would have a positive impact on me, that it gave me a plus. It helped me a lot in general in my life. Little by little I dedicated myself in a more professional way, I also worked in a store of supplements in which I perfectly understood that people are looking for the easy, the shortcuts. I always told clients that when they see a photo of a bodybuilder promoting a protein they should know that he is not like that for taking that protein. They consume it, yes, but their physique is not due to that protein. He is like this because he has spent a lifetime dedicating himself to it because he has a very specific diet and everything they do is something very focused on that result and it cannot and should not be applied to normal people.

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