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The photo that confirms that Arón Piper has good pectorals

    Since we met him in ‘Elite’, Arón Piper’s career has undergone a tremendous change. Little remains of that boy who got into the role of Ander to go through the roller coaster of feelings that he was going to experience for several seasons with him. At the moment of success, Piper wanted to delve into her musical career and took advantage of the boost that the Netflix series had given her to make her dream take more shape.. That led him to change his style and ways, although he did not stop making the odd production also linked to Netflix.

    That change of everything was also seen in his physique. Aron Piper was no longer that thin and muscular young man to increase his muscles and show off a much wider, stronger and larger torso. Although he had an abdominal crisis, the actor and singer is dedicated to sports and quickly shapes his physique as he likes.

    So, to this day he maintains tremendous pectoralsas we have seen in a last image without a shirt that he has shared in his Instagram stories.


    Although it is not difficult to keep track of how Piper’s body evolves, since In his profile on this social network, he usually shares images showing off his naked and muscular torso. quite regularly.

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