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The Real Scoop on the Latest Low-Carb Diet Study

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Welcome to Impact Factor. I’m Perry Wilson. This week we flip to the BMJ to have a look at one among the finest research I’ve ever seen when it comes to measuring the metabolic results of low-carb diets,[1] and one which the media has actually, actually misinterpreted.

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To start, here’s a image of my pal Austen.

That good-looking man misplaced 43 kilos on a ketogenic weight-reduction plan final yr, and he is an enormous proponent of that complete factor. I, being a hard-headed academician, assumed silently to myself that what was actually going on right here was that he was eating fewer energy. Can’t snack on workplace donuts if you happen to’re not eating carbohydrates.

Calories in, energy out. That’s what weight loss is all about. You scale back energy in by eating much less. You enhance energy out by exercising extra.


But what if there’s one other approach? What this research suggests is that the energy you burn could enhance based mostly on the sort of energy you absorb.

In different phrases, taking in 1000 energy of carbs may be worse than 1000 energy of fats as a result of the former will scale back the fee at which your physique burns energy on the whole. Think of it as a sugar tax, with apologies to Mike Bloomberg.

Researchers took 234 chubby people and put them on a strict weight-reduction plan to lose 12% of their physique weight; 164 made the minimize. But that was solely the starting of the research.

Source: Ebbeling CA, et al[1]

With their our bodies in full-on energy-conservation mode, these 164 contributors have been randomized to 3 diets: 60% carbohydrate, 40% carbohydrate, or 20% carbohydrate. All diets have been 20% protein, so principally we’re taking a look at high-carb diets versus high-fat diets right here.

For 20 weeks, their caloric consumption was rigorously titrated to make sure that they didn’t lose or acquire any weight. After 20 weeks of regimented meals, their complete power expenditure was assessed by way of double-labeled water. This is the gold-standard technique of measuring complete power expenditure.

Now, if all energy are equal and everybody’s weight was stored the identical, the complete power expenditures in all three teams needs to be the identical.

They weren’t.

Those in the low-carb-diet group had considerably larger complete power expenditure than these in the different teams. They have been burning about 209 energy per day greater than the high-carb group.


That won’t look like so much, however if you happen to burn 200 additional energy a day and preserve your caloric consumption secure, you’d lose round 20 kilos a yr.

Elegant research, compelling outcomes.

Are we completed right here?

Not fairly.

Many media outlets are reporting that this research reveals that low-carb diets will enable you to lose weight.


The research doesn’t present that. Everyone on this research misplaced weight earlier than they have been randomized to the weight-reduction plan.

Some outlets are doing a bit better, stating that the research reveals that low-carb diets assist preserve weight off.


The research doesn’t present that both.

Remember, weight was fully managed on this research as a result of the researchers managed what the contributors ate to be able to preserve their weight secure. Everyone in the research, no matter the assigned weight-reduction plan, maintained weight loss.

This research reveals that low-carb diets increase total calories out. That’s it. Could it imply that low-carb diets will assist with weight loss? Sure. But we do not know that but.

Still—weight-reduction plan researchers, take observe: This is the way you do a rigorous weight-reduction plan research. Through actually cautious experimentation and measurement, we have realized that, simply perhaps, all energy should not created equal.

It’s a fantastic appetizer, however we’re nonetheless ready for the principal course.

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