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The ripenses María José Mora and Lucía Escriña, classified for the final of the Hyrox-Fitness World Championship

Lucía Escriña (i) and María José Mora

They obtained second place in their category in the Championship of this fitness modality held in Bilbao, qualifying for the World Championship. They were eighth in the global classification of the event.

Maria Jose Mora del Alamo and Lucia Escriña Moyano won second place in their category in the hyrox competition celebrated on Bilbao on February 11. The Hyrox is a demanding Fitness test that alternates 8 kilometers of running with 8 ‘workouts’, or strength and endurance exercises. The result obtained gives the direct pass to the final of the Hyrox World Championshipfor the event called ‘World Championship of Fitness’, which will be held in the English city of Manchester on May 27, in the modality of couples.

The two athletes have lived in Rivas for years. María José Mora del Álamo is a Public Works Engineer and Lucía Escriña Moyano is an Infant and Primary Teacher.

The Bilbao event

As they relate, “the Bilbao test had been prepared in detail.” they got to run
close to 04:30s in each race turn and even managed to run in 04:11s one of them. In the strength workouts they remained very constant and whole, which allowed them to face each stretch of the race with less fatigue than their opponents.

An aspect of the facilities where the Bilbao event took place, during the celebration of the same

Already in the early stages they managed to establish themselves among the first three positions, fighting for 2nd place with couples from other higher categories. It was a fight that lasted until the last workout, that of throwing the 4Kg medicine ball a total of 75 times to a target that was 2.70m high.

They fought this event until the last launch, once the goal was reached for the last time they ran to the finish line ensuring that 2nd in their category in the sprint and an incredible 8th Final place in the general classification of the entire Event.

In May, to Manchester

Hyrox events are held throughout the year in various cities around the world. More than 1,000 athletes participate in each event, starting every 15 minutes in groups of 30.

In the one held in Bilbao, the two Ripenses achieved an eighth overall position (taking into account the female and male categories) with a mark that their coach describes as “impressive”: 1:07:12s.

Lucía Escriña (i) and María José Mora, with their ‘coach’, Álvaro Rodríguez

After this feat, the two will go to Manchester accompanied by their sports ‘coach’ and physical recuperator, Alvaro Ramirezwith whom they have formed a great team and who is also known for working with great Ripenses athletes such as Marcos Gonzalez Ceñalmotorcycling pilot, and with Carmen Prado Gomez-JaraboSpanish Dressage Champion and member of the Spanish National Team of this discipline.

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