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The Rock and his exercise to burn fat and show off a good ass

            The Rock, fitness reference, Hollywood’s highest paid actor and action movie star. We already know how he trains, how he dunks with diet and the gym and what his impressive Iron Paradise gym is like. And this time we have seen him doing a different exercise on instagram: the stair climbing machine. For? To burn fat, strengthen the lower body and kick your buttocks. (The 30 best exercises to strengthen your legs and buttocks).

            “Monday morning I get my ass kicked. 05.45am and hit cardio on the stair machine for 45 minutes. Empty stomach, fasting and after only 3 hours sleep, horrible night’s sleep, but felt good to shake off all that fatigue and get ready for the day’s work,” writes The Rock alongside the video.

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            benefits of climbing stairs

            -Strengthens the legs and buttocks and also exercises the core and abs.

            -Increases physical and cardiovascular resistance.

            -Increases lung capacity and your capacity for suffering.

            -Helps burn calories.

            -It is beneficial for health as it significantly reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

            -It’s good for the mind: endorphins are released and you feel better on a physical level.

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