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The Russian from ‘Rambo III’ who was much stronger than Sylvester Stallone

            Let’s get in situation Rambo III. On this occasion, Rambo travels to Afghanistan to rescue Colonel Trautman, who has been kidnapped by the Russian Colonel Zaysen. Thus, he infiltrates the Russian enemy lines and enters fully into the conflict between the mujahideen and the Soviet army. Well, in that film, released in 1988, there was a Russian character whose actor was much stronger than Sylvester Stallone himself.

            It is about the French interpreter and deceased Marc de Jonge. But be careful, because although he was known for his role as the Russian colonel Zaysen in this third installment of Rambo, De Jonge had a prolific career, with more than 50 films, mostly French. A fitness aficionado, he sported a bodybuilder’s body as seen in this photo alongside Sylvester Stallone on a break from filming. And we remind you of Sylvester Stallone’s training to be Rambo.


            The eventful death of Marc de Jonge

            And what many people don’t know is that he tragically died at the age of 47. One day in 1996 he forgot the keys inside his Parisian house and went up to the building to try to enter through the terrace, but slipped when he fell from the second floor and died.

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