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The Schwarzenegger routine with a kettlebell to gain muscle

        This training can be short and simple, but it’s not easy either. The training session is from Adam Bornstein, editor of the Schwarzenegger app, and is the perfect solution for those who want to spend little time in the gym. “Hour-long gym sessions can be great,” says Bornstein, “however, they’re not helpful for many people, which is why short workouts that you can do with minimal equipment have become all the rage.” or even without material”.

        Don’t be fooled by their simplicity, though: “These ‘simple’ workouts are anything but easy,” warns Bornstein. With the right combination of exercise, repetitions, and rest, you can experience an incredible workout in less than 30 minutes.

        “All you need is a dumbbell or barbell and a pull-up bar (or a TRX works too). You can also do the workout with just a backpack or weight vest.” The weighted vest is the perfect complement to improve your training.

        The Schwarzenegger routine with a kettlebell to gain muscle

        Perform all three exercises in circuit. That means you’ll be doing the following exercises with little to no rest between movements. You are going to perform three rounds of these three exercises (you can substitute any exercise using the examples above). Each round consists of four series. Time your rounds to see how fast you can move and keep track of how long you’re training. Once you’re done, rest.

        Series 1: 4 games

        3 pull-ups

        4 push ups

        5 kettlebell swings

        Series 2: 4 games

        4 pull-ups

        5 push ups

        10 kettlebell swings

        Series 3: 4 games

        5 pull-ups

        6 push ups

        12 kettlebell swings

        Kate is a fitness writer for Men’s Health UK where she contributes regular workouts, training tips and nutrition guides.

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