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The simple gesture that you must do every day to lose up to two kilos per week

The simple gesture that you must do every day to lose up to two kilos per week


Setting goals, striving and perseverance. Those are the keys to losing weight. The main key is in the effort. Yoncreasing the amount of daily exercise is essential; that is, if we walk 2 kilometers a day to go to work and what we want is to lose weight, we must increase the distances of the daily walks. The report says that a good starting point is 7 kilometers a day, the equivalent of the 10,000 steps recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent vascular diseases and others related to sedentary lifestyles such as diabetes.

Another of the keys that the report reveals is the need for everyone to set their own goals and challenge themselves daily. Thus, if this week I have walked an average of 5 kilometers a day, I must challenge myself to make that distance 6 kilometers next week. The next 7 and so on. In addition to the distances, another of the strong points is the pace: for slim down it is more effective to walk fast. This will also help strengthen other parts of the athlete’s body.

Another key is to sign up for sports events: this will help to set goals, to continue training and to practice exercise also the day of the test.

Walking with weights in the arms does not help to lose more weight. quite the opposite, because it will make us move with less agility. They also demystify walking with long steps. On the contrary, to go fast they recommend short steps.

The feeding is also key.

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