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The storm that Hiba Abouk is going through and how her diet keeps her fitter every day

The storm that Hiba Abouk is going through with her husband, the soccer player Achraf Hakimi, has not made her turn away from her healthy methods to maintain her ideal weight and, therefore, her best version, although rumors of separation are spreading on social networks and media.

Hiba Aboukhris Benslimane, better known as hiba aboukis a Spanish actress of Tunisian and Libyan origin, who is especially known for the role of Fatima in El Príncipe and for being the partner of soccer player Achraf Hakimi, who is now being investigated for alleged sexual abuse.

However, his personal problems do not prevent him from continuing to exhibit the best of his versions. This is how he lets it be seen through his account on the social network Instagram, a platform on which he usually publishes photographs that verify his statuesque body.

And it is that, according to what was reviewed in the web portal of the magazine Hello, hiba abouk She is passionate about a healthy lifestyle and a “reference” to keep in mind if you want to maintain an ideal weight 365 days a year. In fact, the “record time” it took her to lose weight quickly after one of her pregnancies was highlighted.

It’s all attributed to her combination of healthy eating and daily exercise. In her diet, the actress prioritizes vegetables, plant-based proteins and healthy fats. She limits carbs, but they are present at every one of her meals.

For his exercises, he gives great importance to the use of elastic bands, kettlebells or weights, which help him not only to burn calories, but also to increase and “tone” his muscle mass.

Apart from his diet, Hiba Abouk focuses on his workouts. Photo: Instagram

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