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The tragic death of bodybuilder Jo Lindner in the arms of his girlfriend

The bodybuilding world is in mourning after the German Jo Lindner has passed away at the age of 30 from a sudden aneurysm which caused his death in the arms of his girlfriend, Nicha. Together with one of her closest friends, she was in charge of communicating the sad news that caused a deep surprise within the discipline.

Jo Lindner’s physique had been admired by almost everyone and had been a mentor to many. Lindner’s discipline had made them a landmark for all aspiring bodybuilders. However, he confessed to using steroids and developed gynecomastia, a disease that causes enlargement of the breast tissues and burns the nipples. This anomaly produces an aesthetic deformity that causes psychological disorders in the patient.

With more than eight million followers on Instagram and nearly one million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Joesthetics he was an inescapable reference for bodybuilding fans, who received his advice. On June 30, he died moments after having given his partner a gift: “I was there with him in the room. He put the necklace on my neck that he made for me. So we lay down and hug each other.”

In an extensive publication made on her personal account, the Thai bodybuilder was very upset by what happened after confirming that the cause of her departure was a condition linked to the abnormal widening of the walls of an artery: “She was in my arms… This is happening too fast… Three days ago he told me that his neck hurt, but we didn’t realize it until it was too late”.

“He was the most amazing and incredible person in this world. She believed in everyone, especially me, that she could be better and someone in this world. He worked hard to stay motivated, although sometimes he didn’t feel that motivated. But he could not rest or give up for his fans, because he knew that 8 million people needed this from him, ”he delved into the personality of his partner in a message accompanied by images of both.

Warned about the use of steroids

Jo He used to alert his followers to the risks of consuming steroids and just two days ago he was talking about his experience on Instagram: “When I lost my gains because I quit for 1 year I couldn’t get my own testosterone levels back so I went back on hormone treatment. Trust me I tried to stop but be aware it could have long term effects on your life This post should show that even naturally you can look amazing and you just need to get in shape!”

Who was the German bodybuilder Jo Lindner?

Jo Lindner, was a leading figure in the world of fitness and social media, gaining wide recognition as a German bodybuilder and influential personality. With an impressive following of over 8 million on her joesthetics Instagram account, she wowed audiences by sharing valuable fitness tips and tricks. Regularly documenting her experiences in the gym through photos and videos, she inspired many with her dedication and commitment to physical well-being.

Jo Lindner has been candid about her past steroid use, openly discussing her journey before she rose to fame. In particular, he developed his training program, known as the Joesthetics Training System, which garnered great acclaim. Collaborations with well-known brands like Young LA and Huge Supplements further solidified his status in the fitness community.

Hailing from Germany, Jo Lindner’s influence extended far beyond national borders and was followed around the world. He shared his passion for bodybuilding with his girlfriend, Nicha, who also excelled in the same field. His remarkable achievements and physical prowess they drew comparisons to the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, cementing his place among the fitness elite.

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