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The Wezone CrossFit chain opens its sixth box, Wezone Conde Duque

The Wezone CrossFit box chain has just inaugurated its sixth box, all located in the Community of Madrid.

The new club is defined by the CEO of the chain, Javier Campo, as “spectacular, in the heart of Albero Aguilera street, an artery of Madrid, in the Chamberí district, with large windows that allow you to see the outside while you are training ”. Campo adds that “we have totally promoted the absolute soundproofing of the space and we have given it an impressive design”.

The premises have a surface area of ​​600 square meters and “before opening we already had a hundred people pre-registered. The center will be able to serve, in full operation, between 250 and 300 clients”, assures Campo.

more openings

Wezone CrossFit is the largest chain of boxes for this discipline in Spain. The company opened its first center in 2014 in Madrid and, since then, it has opened six more, all located in the Community of Madrid. All the boxes are their own, without franchise openings.

Although it has seven centers, one of them, the first one that opened, has become Wezone CrossFit LAB. “It is a laboratory for recording videos, teaching courses, modernization, initiation, etc. We will also continue to use it for the rental of facilities, for shooting commercials and videos, for brands and singers, for example, as we have done up to now”, according to Campo.

By turning this center into a laboratory, the chain went from having seven to six boxes.

For this year 2023, the manager confirms that “we hope to open two more before the end of the year. Both centers will also be in the Community of Madrid”.

“Therefore”, he affirms, “I confirm that during 2023 we are not considering any opening outside of Madrid”, a factor that he does not rule out for the future.

At the end of 2022, the chain opened Wezone Plaza Castilla, a box located at 309 Bravo Murillo Street, near the Plaza Castilla that gives it its name. Campo defined it as “one of the most ‘top’ centers in Europe in terms of facilities, size, air conditioning and design, and which, moreover, is located in the center of a large city. It has 1,000 m2 and has become our flagship. It can host about 650 athletes. The rest of the boxes that we have are also quite large, but they do not reach this size. Only the CrossFit training area has 450 m2”.

The center has large windows that allow you to view the outside while you are training.

More projects for 2023

Javier Campo acknowledges that 2022 “has been a very positive year for the chain. We have grown gradually, we have made improvements in the centers and, above all, we have offered a lot of training to our technicians”.

This is a fundamental aspect for the CEO of the chain. “During 2023 we will continue and further improve employee training and we will incorporate private health insurance.”

Likewise, Campo highlights that “this year, starting in March, we will become a ‘0 carbon footprint’ company. A specialized company has calculated the total footprint of the entire chain, and we are going to reverse it by planting the corresponding trees that we have to achieve a 0 footprint”.

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