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There are no good or bad exercises, the key is to choose the right intensity

One of the classics of any gym is to ask about the exercise we have to do to change what we don’t like about ourselves. That personal objective can be very varied, maybe you don’t like how your heart rate skyrockets if you go up some stairs, or that some undesirable love handles give you a physical appearance with which you are not very satisfied.

There is no limit or classification to the objectives of each human being.

Any trainer can confirm how complex it is to answer the question “what exercise do I have to do to get rid of this gut?”, without having to give an explanation that most people don’t want to hear. The exercises are not medicines that are dispensed to cure something that we do not like.

Hey, I want Adriana Lima’s legs. Of course, take a jar of strides with you and take them ten at a time every morning. This doesn’t work like that, unfortunately no exercise will do you any good. There are no exercises aimed at a goal. What there is is an adequate intensity to achieve it. Stop looking for exercises. Focus on hitting the right intensity. But this concept is what complicates everything.

The word intensity it has two drawbacks. The first is that it usually gives fear unfounded by sheer ignorance or prejudice. The second is that it can be deformed by perception subjective what is being intense and what is not. It is necessary that we define what an adequate intensity is and how we can know if it is the one that we are applying to our training.

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