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These are the fitness trends of 2023!

The fitness trends for this 2023 do not focus on exhausting workouts, on the contrary, they advocate working with the body. Exercise promotes good physical and mental health, but it also helps us move more easily.

Physical activity does not have to be exhausting, it is about enjoying the movement. These are the exercises that Vogue magazine points out as the trends of 2023:

Boxing: It’s a very good 360-degree workout for the mind, which has seen a significant increase in female participation, says Ruth Raper, a trainer at Jab London.

Walking: they have important health benefits, are a good form of cardiovascular exercise, improve intestinal health and promote breathing patterns.

Stacking training: refers to “stacking” different types of training to create appropriate experiences for each person. Fitness platforms can offer you a wide variety of exercise routines.

20 minutes of physical activity allow us to focus concentration on the body and let the mind rest. Exercise for this 2023 is seen as an activity that generates joy.

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