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They announce categories and present great absolute Independence Cup bodybuilding and fitness on Sunday in Santiago

Santo Domingo, Feb 19 – . With a total of 30 categories grouped into 7 modalities and the presentation of the great absolute Vitasalud, the XXIX Copa Independencia de Fisiculturismo y Fitness national championship was officially announced, which will be held next Sunday, February 26 starting at 10:00 a.m. in the great Cibao Arena, Santiago.

The information was offered last Saturday by Mr. Tony Peña R, president of the Dominican federation of that sport (FDFF) and Mrs. Clara Cabrera, president of Vitasalud, in the conference room of that company, where, in addition, it was presented the great award of bodybuilding.

Mr. Peña R, announced that 30 categories of 7 modalities will be competed and that the event will begin on time, 10:00 am on Sunday, while the measurements, the weigh-in and the registration of athletes, male and female, will be 2 :00 pm to 6:00 pm next Saturday at the Gran Arena del Cibao.

At the same time, Mrs. Cabrera, when she delivered the great absolute Vitasalud for bodybuilding, expressed, among other things, the enthusiasm felt in the athletes who are going to participate in the event on Sunday, being happy to sponsor an event with so many expectations. .

The competition is with 30 categories in 7 modalities, which are: Open, Classic Bodybuilding, Fit Model and Classic Game; Wellness, junior up to 23 years of age, up to 160 centimeters (cm) tall, over 160cm and Master over 35 years of age; Bikini Fitness, up to 160cm, up to 163cm, up to 166cm, over 166cm, junior up to 23 years old and master over 35 years old.

As well as, Bodybuilding, weights, light (Up to 154 ¼ pounds (lbs), welterweight (Up to 165 ¼ lbs), medium (Up to 176 ¼ lbs), light heavyweight (Up to 198 ¼ lbs), heavy (More than 198 ¼ lbs) and master over 40 years of age.

Plus, Men’s Physique, up to 170cm, up to 174cm, up to 178cm, over 178cm, junior up to 23 years old and master over 40 years old; Muscular Men’s Physique, up to 170cm, up to 175cm and over 175cm; Classic Physique, up to 172cm and over 172cm.

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