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02/21/202312:30 pmAuthor: Otto Lopez

They held the 2023 Bodybuilding and Fitness Promise Cup at the State Police Academy

About 40 athletes showed all their preparation in the gym

The Promise Cup 2023 of bodybuilding and fitness in the state police academy auditorium.

about 40 athletes they showed all their preparation in the gym in this first event of the year organized by NABBA Tabasco.

  • Exponents from Teapa, Paraíso, Macuspana, Comalcalco, Cunduacán, Cárdenas and Centro competed.


The champions of the contest were Eliud Arias, Jesús Pérez and Berenice Díaz, who showed a great definition of the muscles.

The three athletes will represent Tabasco in the Promise Cup 2023 nationwide to be held in Mexico City on March 5 at the Carranza Cultural Center.

The president of NABBA Tabasco Otilio Isidro García said he was happy with the good response from the athletes locals to this fair with which they begin their active calendar in this 2023, in which they hope to continue promoting and forging new talents in discipline.

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