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They do jumping marathon



Durango experienced a successful and lively fitness trampoline marathon at the 450 Sports Center in Parque Guadiana. Under the direction of Master Ernesto Elg, a renowned instructor of this sport, the first Vaseline Jumping Marathon 2023 was held.

The event was attended by various leading instructors in the world of fitness trampoline. However, it was the instructor Karla Palacios who caused a stir with her routine and skill on the trampoline, getting young and old to join in the fun and exercise.

In addition to Karla Palacios, Alison Barraza, Cecy Garcia, Ana Murillo, Carlitos Gomez, Adry, Niza Cardoza, Sammy, Mimmy Garcia, Karina Garlos, Azucena Sanchez, Ivon Gallegos, Lili Medina, Carmen Gomez, Pina Pacheco, Yessy were on stage. Gurrola, Vanessa Arellano, Mael Reyes, Pirro Escobedo, Hannah Sanchez, Ana Renteria, Fernanda García, Mico, Faby and César Huesca.

The festive and energetic atmosphere of the class not only allowed the participants to enjoy a different physical activity, but also to enjoy the music and the company of the other attendees.

The fitness trampoline has grown in popularity in recent years as it combines aerobic and strength training with the fun of jumping and bouncing on a trampoline. In addition to being fun, this type of exercise offers health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular endurance, strengthening muscles, and burning calories efficiently.

The success of this fitness trampoline marathon is due to the drive of Carlitos Gómez, Yessy Gurrola, Fernanda García and Carmen Gómez, and to the participants that demonstrate the growing interest of the Durango community for innovative and fun physical activities. Without a doubt, the Jumping Vaseline Marathon 2023 was an event that left the participants satisfied and eager for more similar experiences in the near future.

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