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They measure strength promises of bodybuilding

More than six hundred exponents of the bodybuilding Mexican will play the Promise Cup 2023, endorsed by the Mexican Association of Bodybuilding and Physical Conditioning, this Sunday, March 5 at the Carranza Cultural Center, in the Mexico City.

As has happened in recent years, the young exponents will have their first great experience on the stage, seeking to continue their growth with a view to achieving internationalization, representing Mexico in other countries.

“Every year the competition between beginners and rookies is stronger, not only because of the work done, but also because of their desire to stand out in a sport like this, which, thanks to the pandemic, had a significant upturn in the last three years. This has been reflected in the level of the competitors, who now are not satisfied with just getting on the competition, but are looking for their internationalization”, says Víctor Hernández, president of AMFAF-NABBA-Mexico.

In this edition, the categories in which there will be competition for prizes, medals and trophies will be Beginner Bodybuilding, Rookie Bodybuilding, Junior Bodybuilding and Master Bodybuilding.

Men’s Sport Fitness, Men’s Bermuda Fitness, Wellness Fitness, Men’s Sport Short, Miss Bikini, Classic BodyBuilding and BodyBuilding Class are also scheduled.

The event will start at noon at the Carranza Cultural Centerand will be transmitted through the social networks of the AMFAF-NABBA Mexico.

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