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This 5-Minute Flow Will Loosen Your Tight Hamstrings

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If you’ve ever set free an enormous groan making an attempt to decrease your heels to the mat in Downward-Facing Dog—and even whereas doing one thing as minor as climbing stairs—likelihood is you’ve gotten tight hamstrings.

Some persons are born with naturally quick hamstrings, however muscle imbalances additionally play a job. So can an excessive amount of exercise. Repetitive overstretching of the muscle may cause micro-traumas or small tears within the muscle. These accidents are sadly unusual amongst yoga practitioners, since many sequences include hamstring stretching poses—like standing posesstanding forward bends, and seated forward bends—however few postures that strengthen the muscle.

This simple, 5-minute circulate will loosen tight hamstrings whereas additionally releasing the decrease again. Practice it every day to really feel essentially the most aid.

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