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This is Cate Blanchett’s diet to show off fitness at 53

Cate Blanchett confessed that she is not a follower of extreme diets or starvation, but she is very aware of the food she eats, getting rid of those that are not really necessary for the body.

Australian actress cate blanchett is one of the most famous stars in Hollywood, who has won the four most important awards in the film industry: two Oscars, four Golden Globes, three BAFTA Awards and three Screen Actors Guild Awards.

But beyond her talent, one of the things for which the protagonist of “Blue Jasmine” is admired is for having a slender and elegant figure, at 53 years of age. Given this, many will think that cate She starves herself by going on strict diets, however, she does not agree to follow these extreme regimens.

In a note from, it became known that blanchett She starts her day with a hefty cup of coffee, and a glass of hot lemon water, before preparing lunch for her children, feeding the dog, and going about her day. He says that he really does workout only once a week, even though he does a lot of pilates.

However, despite not following a strict diet, cate she often sticks to the diet of one of her four children who has an intestinal disorder so she can’t eat sugar, wheat, dairy and all processed foods. He admits that it’s quite complicated so he tries to buy it at a macrobiotic store.

cate blanchett He confesses that he does not agree with the term “well-being” but rather “It is about getting rid of all these things that we think we need, but it is not like that.” The Australian star also said that in her house they opt for organic food, completely excluding red meat.

This is Cate Blanchett’s diet to show off fitness at 53

This is Cate Blanchett’s diet to show off fitness at 53
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