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This is Jennifer Aniston’s new exercise routine to get fit in just 10 minutes

After a back injury and an eye-opening conversation with a friend excited about her new fitness breakthrough, Jennifer Aniston decided to try return. Her friend had detailed, with plenty of praise, how not only had she transformed his bodyobvious to the eye, but that the practice he had found had benefited other areas of his life until he felt very better than any other training. In a few days, the protagonist of friends I was at home following the tutorials of the brand that, until today, had gone unnoticed by millions of users.

It wasn’t just about online classes. By becoming a member of Pvolve you receive specific material to work on during sessions of 10 to 20 minutes with which great profitability is obtained. “I like to find something that really works and then share it with my friends,” Aniston explains to People magazine. “If I had known 20 years ago, when I was breaking my body, we would have saved ourselves so much pain,” she adds. The actress acknowledges that Before “it was run, run, run; you had to do between 45 minutes and an hour of cardio; If not, you didn’t exercise”, as he explained to the Mexican version of Vogue. “Now, however, he has found something that works on another level, much softer, but extremely solid”.

What is Pvolve, Jennifer Aniston’s new way of training?

Rachel Katzman was the founder of Pvolve in 2017, a fitness company thought and directed by women that challenges the physical condition to work from a more pleasant space, with less impact and kinder to the body. Training, which has its own specific material, is a fitness method based on various scientific studies in which combine low-impact functional movements and resistance equipment patented to sculpt, strengthen and restore the body without the wear and tear of high-impact exercise. And they are adapted to each case through the guidelines of a large body of trainers who adapt the routines to each one.

Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, highlights the effectiveness and simplicity of a workout that can change your body in 10 or 20 minutes. Of her movements, her fluidity stands out, like dance steps, although that reminds her of her differences when she was 20 years old and she was crushing herself in endless classes that didn’t make her feel like today. “I’m in better shape than when I was 20 years old; I feel better in mind, body and spirit”, she confessed to the Mexican magazine. So much so, that the actress has decided to be part of the project to boost her reach by developing marketing strategies such as talking about her own experience of she.

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The highlight, however, is not only the testimonial part of the actress, but the transformation of functional movement and adaptability of the method to each user. It works with the biomechanics of the body for the involvement of all muscles in each exercise. With the help of her own accessories, such as P.ball, (which the actress always carries in her car) and P.3 Trainer, in search of resistance that enhances toning so that every effort counts. “It’s very easy to use, you just start in small chunks, small steps,” she tells People. “And then the next thing you know, you’ve done four 20-minute classes because you just want to keep going.”

“I’m officially part of the @pvolve family. So proud to support our founder and the most talented coaches. This is one of my favorite workouts…and I’m so thankful for the team and excited for what’s to come.” wrote on his Instagram account to announce his association with the brand. Which means that has not stopped doing pilates or going for a walk, but if you have abandoned other practices that have not helped you: “I have left the 45 minutes of cardio, the aggressive CrossFits. That, for me, did not work,” he confesses to People, adding: “I think that for longevity you have to find something that is sustainable and doesn’t burn you out.” She apparently found it and now she wants to promote it.

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