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This is the exercise you should do if you want to live longer

The passage of time, as well as aging, is inevitable. However you can slow down the effect this has on people Locating the factors that accelerate it. Many times the focus has been placed on those elements that have to do with the physical, such as a sedentary lifestyle or a poor diet, but the mental ones are left aside.

Stress, as long as it is for very short periods, is not bad. It is a way that the mind has to prepare for the things that must be done at that moment. Chronic stress is a problemsince it is more constant and has harmful effects that are reflected in the body.

Elissa Epel, a health psychologist as well as a longevity researcher, has seen in several cases how continuous stress is capable of wearing down cells prematurely. It can also lead to weight gain, heart disease, dementia, and depression.

Prevent the body from reaching a state of chronic stress It is possible, thanks to a technique that he recommends to follow called “stress fitness”, as he has collected CNBC.

Stress can be a good ally if you learn to handle it correctly: this is how you can enhance it, according to the vision of various experts

This is what stress fitness is all about

Stress fitness is a technique that consists of exercising the body by subjecting it to small episodes of stress.. And it is that according to studiesthese tiny amounts of stress can enhance cell regeneration, rather than wear them down over time.

It is a way of training that prepares the body for future episodes of stress making it more resistant. Now, there are several exercises that can be done within this discipline, so you can choose the one you like best.

On the one hand there is high intensity interval trainingwhose duration is around 7 minutes, and consists of a combination of exercises such as the side plank, jump squats, rope jump, scissors jump, etc. Each of them for 30 seconds plus 10 seconds of rest in between.

There is also another activity that can increase longevity, although it may not be an attractive idea in winter, and that is take a shower with cold water. Studies have found this practice beneficial not only for delay agingbut also to decrease inflammation and improve metabolism.

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