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This is the infallible training of Patry Jordán, the fitness influencer with more than 21 million followers

There are many people around the world who have gotten used to doing gymnastics or training virtually. This phenomenon grew exponentially during the coronavirus pandemic, but the truth is that this method has been used for a long time before confinement.

In this universe of virtual fitness, the Spanish Patry Jordán is one of the youtubers of the moment. She is chosen by millions of people to get in shape. We refer to the tests: her YouTube channel, virtual gymaccumulates more than 21 million subscribers.

Its virtual gymnastics platform is a reference in the world of fitness worldwide. To this day, GymVirtual boasts of more than 2.3 billion workouts carried out, as well as having managed to change the lives of thousands of users who claim to have redirected their lives.

Patry Jordan, the queen of fitness on YouTube. (Internet)

This is the infallible training of Patry Jordán, the fitness influencer with more than 21 million followers

Patry is a true pioneer of training on-line. She began to share her passion for sports, healthy living and beauty in 2011, on social networks, while combining it with her work in gyms and a communication agency. In 2016, she abandoned her face-to-face work to work exclusively virtually, bringing the sport closer to all audiences, and offering her training and self-care tools for free.

Regarding the success of her training, she herself says that the only thing that prevents us from doing sports are excuses and desire. “Training, beyond something that benefits us in terms of health and aesthetics, is a form of commitment and constant improvement,” she says.

Jordán maintains that one of his keys to success is “listening to what people say and reading all the comments, because there are many ideas to improve my content.”

On his channel, users can find routines to tone all parts of the body, to lose weight, to gain weight or to work muscles, and thus stay in shape. In fact, every month Patry Jordán shares with all his followers a monthly training calendar to practice sports with his videos and almost without leaving home.

Three exercises that Patry Jordán does to get firm buttocks

  1. Lateral lunges with change. This exercise, focused on both the buttocks and legs, can be done both with our own body and by adding dumbbells to give it more intensity. The influencer does them both backwards and forwards. How to do it: stand on the mat with your legs slightly open in scissors. Bending both legs, bring your back knee to the ground and slowly come up. That’s a repeat.
  2. Lateral lunges. Lateral lunges are a must in many of the influencer’s leg and buttock workouts and that’s why they couldn’t miss out on this routine, since they work the hamstrings and buttocks very well. How to do it: Standing with your legs slightly bent, move your right leg out to the side into a squat. Take it back to the center and repeat the movement with the left leg. This is a repeat.
  3. Deadlift squats. Squats are a great exercise to work the glutes, but if we add a deadlift to the movement itself, the work is even greater, since we also involve the hamstrings. How to do it: Stand on the mat with your feet hip-width apart. Lower into a squat position, come up, and from the position lean forward, always keeping your back straight and tension in your thighs. Go up and return to the starting position. This is a repeat.
Patry Jordan, the queen of fitness on YouTube. (Internet)

This is Patry Jordán’s breakfast to start the day with energy (it takes a few minutes)

It is about two toasts of bread accompanied by some slices of avocado. Add cheese, it can be cream cheese, and nuts.

You can vary a couple of ingredients depending on what you have in the fridge and what you really like the most.

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