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this is what keeps them always thin

The best kept secret of the Japanese: this is what keeps them always thinPixabay

Japan It is one of the countries in the world long-lived and with lower rate of obesity. In Japan, only 3% of its population is overweight, a very small figure compared to Spain, where the figure is around 20 percent. The secret of the thinness of the Japanese and their high life expectancy you have to look for it precisely in their culture.

The trick of the Japanese to be thin

The secret of the Japanese to stay in shape throughout their lives and not suffer overweight It is not in miracle diets or express training. It is much simpler than all that and is intrinsically linked to their culture.

From the moment they are born, the Japanese continue healthy eating routines and flee from the sedentary life, so staying in shape does not require any extra effort.

Let’s see what are the main ones healthy techniques that the orientals follow to always stay slim.

The importance of a healthy and balanced diet to be slim

What we eat is essential for our figure. The diet of the Japanese is one of the bases of their thinness and also its longevity. The Japanese follow the method of hara hachi bu, which consists of stopping eating when they feel almost full, but not quite. That is, when many of us would continue eating, they already get up from the table.

In addition, the foods that make up your diet and the way of cooking them is usually very light and healthy. In addition, they do not usually snack between meals and as if this were not enough, they do not like very sugary desserts.

Low intensity but very constant exercises

The Japanese are not a culture very prone to crushing themselves in the gym or getting into marathon workouts. Quite the opposite. Their culture is very active, they avoid a sedentary lifestyle at all times and carry out low-intensity activities. walk or do yoga are some of the best examples of your favorite workouts. They also often travel by bicycle.

All these activities carried out constantly contribute to having a healthier life and to stay in shape without having to go to the gym.

hot baths to relax

The relaxing hot water baths They are the favorites of the Japanese. This daily activity helps them improve circulation and relax. And it is that taking a hot water bath for about 15 minutes helps burn calories and relax the body, while reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels.

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