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This was the wedding of Amelia Spencer: Lady Diana’s niece married a fitness guru in a spectacular South African ceremony | People | Entertainment

Cape Town was the scene in which Lady Diana’s niece, Amelia Spencer, and fitness guru, Greg Mallett, said “yes” that united them in holy matrimony, after getting engaged in 2020.

The impressive ceremony, which was attended by her brothers Lady Eliza Spencer, Lady Kitty Spencer and Samuel Aitken, began shortly before sunset on a hill in the South African metropolis, specially chosen by the bride.

“It means a lot to get married here (…) all my and Greg’s happiest moments as a couple are here,” the 30-year-old told Hello!

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This was the magical and intimate wedding of Lady Diana’s niece

The event began with a pre-wedding, in the garden of a luxurious residence overlooking the sea that, according to Daily Mailthis is La Cotte Farm.

Amelia wore an elegant, form-fitting satin dress with a halter neckline and straps that tied behind the neck, plus her blonde hair was tied up in an elegant bun.

Until now, the only photos of Amelia and Greg’s wedding were those shared by their close friends on Instagram stories.

as posted Tatlerluminous floating orbs were dropped as soon as night fell to create a romantic and magical atmosphere in which she and Greg were the protagonists.

Once the couple shared their long-awaited kiss at the altar, the festivities continued with a tour of the South African city outside of business hours.

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Amelia Spencer and Greg Mallett met over 10 years ago

Lady Diana’s niece and her sisters moved to Cape Town with their parents Victoria Aitken and her first husband Earl Spencer because of the media scandals surrounding the ‘People’s Princess’.

After her mother divorced, the girls were raised in South Africa, where Amelia’s love for the personal trainer she met at the University of Cape Town blossomed.

“I have been dreaming of seeing Amelia walk down the aisle for 14 years,” said 33-year-old Greg.


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