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Three foods suitable for the diet to sleep 8 hours straight

Fitness: Three fruits that improve your sleep and allow you to rest eight hours straightSD

Are you looking for tips and tricks to combat insomnia? Well, in addition to teaching you the military method to end your sleep problems, We are going to reveal three very healthy superfoods that you can incorporate into your diet and with which you will sleep eight hours a day at night.


sleep actually It is one of the best pleasures in life if you manage to rest and get up ready to take on the world one more day. It can also be seen as an obligation because if it is not properly complied with, it significantly harms our body.

There are different studies and the vast majority conclude that, for your body to disconnect and rest to be able to face the next day with the maximum guarantees, the time you have to sleep daily each night a minimum of eight hours.

What is considered good sleep?

Well, sleep through, without interruptions and with a remarkable time of deep time. Not sleeping completely will significantly affect people’s behavior. The muscles and the brain require a minimum of daily rest time.

Well, there are methods to combat insomnia and be able to sleep well, and also solutions to help our body at rest. Today we will highlight three insomniawhich, in addition, are 100 percent compatible with a diet and will help you fall asleep better.

anti insomnia foods


This diuretic food, in addition to being a delicious fruit, It contains fiber, vitamins and minerals and also has various compounds that will help to secrete serotonin.. One of them is tryptophan.

Serotonin is a hormone that contributes to muscle and body relaxation and that works as a natural sedative for your body. At night and after an intense day, our brain needs that disconnection and transforms tryptophan into melatonin.

An image of pineapple, an interesting fruit to help you fight insomnia

Therefore, it is preferable to consume pineapple at night and this will contribute to a better rest when sleeping. It will also be optimal to help our digestive process since stomach discomfort will be avoided at night.


The same goes for the banana. He banana It is a recommended superfood to maintain comforting sleep. Both contain a high level of vitamins and minerals like pineapple and give our body a good dose of tryptophan.

A stock image of a banana

Experts recommend consuming it between half an hour and 45 minutes before bed. They also indicate that you should not consume it just in the immediate moments to your going to bed, since our digestive system will automatically activate and it is a fruit with abundant calories.


It is a fruit that is widely used, especially for confectionery, but the reality is that They also help to fall asleep because they contain three substances that benefit you at a health level and also throughout our body.. Which are?

  1. serotonin

  2. tryptophan

  3. Melatonin

What are they for? Well, there are three substances that influence the sleep cycle. With a handful, before sleeping, it would be enough.

Cherry cake.

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