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TikTok | A young fitness man eats dog food as a supplement and shows the results | nndatr | VIRAL

While most people in gymsrely on vitamin supplements such as proteins to gain muscle mass, there are those who have other secrets and recommend other strange tips to tone the body, as in the following viral case.

Although as unusual as it may seem, a young man identified on TikTok as ‘’ dared to use dog croquettes in his attempt to gain mass, getting a big surprise in his strange experiment, as the note from ‘El Imparcial’ also explains ‘.

tastes like rocks

First he said that it was hard for him to chew and later he explained to what he tasted. “It was very difficult. I tried the dry dog ​​food kibble, and it tasted like little pieces of rocks.” points out in a video shared in his account within the platform.

“It was not comfortable to eat at all, and it was very difficult to bite into it,” He added seconds later in the footage that has become one of the most played clips of the moment on the short video social network, and that, of course, has left curious comments.

“Why eat it straight when you can make a smoothie?”, “Add cereal?”were some of the ironic opinions on the part of Internet users.

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